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Hospital visit

Well after an early start I'm finally home after visiting EPAC. Lots of waiting around as embryo sac had got smaller so they weren't sure on the best treatment and had to wait to speak to a consultant. Finally saw someone and decided on medical management so in the end between the two options I was stressing over choosing. So now the waiting begins...

Thank you for all your advice xx

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Hunny I'm so sorry to be reading this, you are in my prayers and hope your ok xxxxxx

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Thank you xx


I had medical management for a missed mc. It took a long time and 3 overnight stays in hospital as my body just didn't want to give the babies up. I found The Miscarriage Association website and helpline really useful.

Thinking of you.


Oh that sounds awful. I had cramps all day yesterday and was fine through the night then this morning had a terrible pain at the bottom of my ribs for an hour and was sick. There was not as much blood as I was expecting maybe coz it was the size of six weeks I dunno. Just hope it's all gone and I don't have to have the surgical option xx


I know it's air later but I've been staying off the forum as I'm waiting for my sac to stop growing and miscarry. Your post has made me feel not alone andencouraged by how you were able to handle it. So sorry for your loss and hope you're recovering well now.


Aw so sorry to hear this it's rotten 😞 but you will get through this. You will feel so much better when it's done although that sounds awful but we've gone through so much emotionally and physically. It's a weird feeling but I felt free at the weekend. For the first time in 2 months since starting the IVF I felt like me again.

Now will look forward to doing my FET! Xx


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