I've been spotting on and off since the bfp and did a test 10 days after the bfp as told to by the clinic and it was still positive anyway I had a little bleed that very day and have been on and off spotting ever since. Yesterday however I passed 2 50p sized clots and I'm now thinking the worst. I still feel slightly sick and I have the odd twinge from my boobs but I'm worried the symptoms are fading and that the clots mean game over. I'm suppose to be 7 weeks next week and the first scan is booked in for thursday 29th. I am literally wishing away Christmas. None of the family know what stage we are currently at so I feel like I'm tip toeing around anyway. I have to do a drive today to get to the parents (my husband has had to have Christmas with his side of the family-long story!). I kinda feel like I'm treading water at the moment- had a massive cry yesterday and trying to be a bit more positive today but I really have a feeling if that's it and I absolutely just want to stay at home but I can't xx

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  • I know how you feel the waiting game is horrid. Our scan is for the 3rd January. :( I've had some bleeding too. I can't tell you a definite answer but I know when I had my early miscarriage earlier this year it was like the size of a satsuma segment when I passed it and it literally was like the worst cramp in the world when it passed through. Ive rung my clinic a few times about the bleeding and theyve just told me lots of women bleed for different reasons and they can't do anything until the scan, which doesn't help. Wish you all the best for your scan and hope you feel a bit better although I know that's hard right now xxxx thoughts with you both xxxx

  • Thanks so much for your message. I've not had any pain or anything-backs a bit achy but I've had that since virtually day 1. I had a miscarriage back in August and I had no pain then just a load of bleeding-it literally poured out like a tap. I am so disappointed as I really feel that's it-try so hard and go through all the crappy symptoms-soz feeling sorry for myself currently. Trying so hard to snap out of it as really need to get myself ready and start 'driving home for Christmas!' Thanks so much for your kind words btw. Hope all goes well with your scan too xxxx

  • I know. I remember last time just breaking down and screaming at my husband that it was all for nothing it's a horrid feeling. *Cuddles* I've driven myself mad the last few weeks too. I'm trying to get it into my head that we've done our best and we can only wait now, nothing we can do will stop it or help it. Sometimes that helps me sometimes it doesn't, think it depends on the mood (and those horrid hormones). Wishing you all the best and hope you have a lovely Christmas and good news at your scan xxx

  • Thanks so much. I'm still feeling quite sick and sore boobs but I wonder if that continues for a few days anyway. Fingers crossed for the scans for us both. Merry Christmas to you too and hopefully Christmas may take our minds off it for the time being anyway. Xxxx

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