Ivf update .... Egg collection done any tips on preparation for embryo transfer?

Hello ladies had egg collection yesterday went really well feeling fine today. Collected 12 eggs got the call from client this morning 9 fertilzed so set for a day 5 transfer. Fingers crossed things keep going well for our little embryos over next 5 days. Any tips for next 5 days? Would it be ok to have 1 wine tomorrow night as it's my husband's birthday? Thanks ladies xx

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  • Hi there I'd say you'd be fine for wine as embryos not been transferred yet. Enjoy it while you can! Maybe do any housework while you can as can't do any lifting during 2ww. Good luck! !xx

  • Thank you .. husband will need to sharpen upon his house work skills lol

  • Nothing exciting I started to drink decaf using my protein food and eating loads of veg and fruit and not forgetting drinking loads of water. Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do but don't test early and try and relax

  • Thanks for the advice :) . Im walking the dogs and was thinking about getting back to a light weights workout in the gym maybe i should leave that a bit longer? Got the water drinking all sorted

  • Hi nbiglnd, have you had your transfer yet? How are the eggs doing?

  • Hey there, no not yet we are booked in for tomorrow. Beause we had 9 eggs fertilzed out clinic prefers to not disturb eggs and leave til day 5 to check on them and tranfer same day. So fingers crossed they are doing well excited and nervous for tomorrow

  • Hi, that's a great number! Don't be nervous and sounds like you may even have some to freeze! It's such an exciting time! Stay in touch and all the best! Xx

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