Desperately trying to lose weight to start IVF early next year and although only a couple of days late really got my hopes up that had become pregnant naturally just to be disappointed again. Finding things very difficult and not even started treatment yet. Can't even have some nice comfort food! I can't even start to think positively that IVF is going to work for us (I'm 40 and had 2 miscarriages from natural conception). So pleased I found this site as the support is amazing everyone is giving each other

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  • Sorry to hear this Louise. It is such a hard journey isn't it? I find a lot of people telling me that I need to think positive and be positive and calm etc and this makes me feel less positive and more stressed!!

    Just wanted to wish you the best for your treatment in the New Year. I am 42 in a couple of weeks and am due to start my treatment around the end of January. I am finding it all quite difficult but also just want to get going with the treatment at the same time if you know what I mean. Hope everything goes well for you.

  • Thank you for replying. Its very comforting to speak with people in the same position. As much as friends try and help they just don't understand. Best of luck for your treatment, can only imagine that you just want to get on with it now. Lots of baby dust wishes to you

  • Thanks Louise. Best wishes to you too xx

  • Hi babez sorry to hear ur sounding so stressed and sad that u wernt pregnant..i no how u feel with the weigh problem..i was pregnant but had a miscarriage in august..i didnt even think about teatment again till oct which i was told i had a stone and a half to loose 2 be seen this month for fed i have hit my target now by sticking to 700-800 calories per day but once a wk eating what ever i like and its worked..hope u get there to feel free to inbox me if u need any support or just a ear to listen x x

  • Hi, thank you for your response, its very difficult and the pressure of losing weight on top of it all. Ive lost 1.5 stone since Aug and at least another half to go before mid Jan. So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I'm not sure the pain ever gets any easier. I hsd my first 6 years ago when i lost twins and my second 2 years ago, i never got to thescan stage. Well done on your target. where are you having treatment? Mines in Leeds, wishing you lots of luck and hope we get smiled upon in 2017

  • Wow well done uv done great..sorry 2 hear about ur miscarriages also no the pain really dont go away i got 2 my 7 wk scan and no heartbeat 😒 i still think of him/her doing my treatment in newcastle centre for life..have you tried the banana milk diet it really helps i did it twice and lost 4 pounds each time could help u 2 shift that half stone befor jan x x x

  • Pretty much all u do is have 1 glass of milk 250ml with 2 bananas 3 time aday and drink water in between it really work..i was so sceptical about it but it always here for a chat anytime ok x x

  • Thank you ☺I suppose it's about finding different ways to cope but i know you never forget. Thanks for the milk shake idea. Might try that, I'm doing Slimming World. Losing about 1.5 pound a week which is ok, steady away. Support on here means a lot xx

  • Its not milkshake babez u have a glass of milk and 2 bananas to eat not blendes..yes slimming worlds good i didnt it years ago..was just giving u ideas 2 loose quick for ur mid jan appointment & yh the ladies on here are all amazing i fell i have another family with all these beautiful amazing ladies on here x x x

  • Aww I'm really sorry to hear this. It's horrible when you think that you are pregnant even the inch of hope is amazing just for it to evaporate. It is such a hard journey but you've just got to pray it ll be worth it in the end xx

  • Hey girl dont you give up! You have so much to look forward to with ur treatment starting soon. Try and relax easy said thaaan done. Xx

  • Hiya

    I have been on this journey all private funded and we are not rich by any means and I wouldn't say it is a journey to look forward too.

    3 fresh attempts and 3 epic fails 4the attempt at 41 and lost him at 18w prior to that 3 mc and 1 ectopic.

    What I will say is prepare your body and mind, don't be shy to anything or anyone prodding and poking at you. for a minute you lose yourself and become hell bent on this working, it's a strain on any relationship no matter how long you have been together. it's a strain emotionally, physically, mentally. There are days when you have had enough and want to throw in the towel, days where you hate the world solely because it's not fair and it shouldn't be you having this treatment, days when a pregnant women pass by or new born in their prams make you so sad your heart breaks a little....

    However with all said and done it makes you a stronger person for things you didn't think you could cope with you actally can, you have to learn patience as sometimes each step doesn't always go the best but it gets worked out.

    We are all different with the same goal and as mentioned in another post different strokes for different folks.

    Remember whom you were before this journey and remember that after it you will always be you no matter what.

    Wishing you baby sticky dust 2017 xxx

  • Thank you. So sorry to hear of your journey, it's so much to go through when all you can think about is those who have had it so much easier.

    You're right though, you do get stronger from what you go through and you can't give up.

    Best wishes to you as we start a new year ☺xx

  • Hi, I am 37 and struggled to get the weight off to start my treatment, i found that added to my stress and worrying as i was putting more pressure on myself. Try and find something outdoors to kill time and get you walking more (hate exercising). Fingers crossed your dream will come true. I have been in your situation and my twin girls turned 4 last week. I understand staying positive at times is flipping difficult but you will get there xxx

  • Sorry to hear your story, by the way how do you feel now? did you get what you want? any great results? i know its hard when you want a baby but you cant i experienced the same but thanks God i've passed this

    hope you do same

  • Thanks Bfrida. Glad you've overcome some of the hurdles. I'm ok, just have a little wobble each time of the month then bounce back. I have to stay strong for treatment next year. Lost nearly 2 st with Slimming World so target BMI in sight now. Best wishes to you x

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