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Feeling low

Did my first ivf. Everything was looking fine up on till day 13 afternoon when I started having serious cramps. I bleed a little but bleeding continued till day 14. Bleeding not as heavy as my period but heavier than spotting. Was meant to go test yesterday but postponed till today. Am hoping for a miracle. Has anyone ever had a positive with bleeding?

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Hi akinmo. Sorry to hear this, but I must say, that many ladies do get this awful bleeding and cramping – then have a positive test result. Keeping everything crossed that you get one too. Diane


Hi! I've been going through the same thing. I was spotting weds-sat then early Sunday morning and throughout Sunday I've had bleeding (and today). I did my test this morning and had a positive. I am still not believing it though until the blood test results from the clinic. I do also have symptoms of backache, feeling sick and sore boobs. It's really playing with my mind and only time will tell but I wanted to message as I'm going through the same thing xxx


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