I'm so scared, I have a 7 week scan on Thursday after finally getting a bfp (5th try!) now I can't help but worry all the scare stories I've seen of people getting to the scan and being no heart beat or hasn't grown for a few weeks etc. Stupidly I keep doing tests (every few days) and they are now very light. After we lost it last time at 5 weeks 5 days in so scared and dreading the scan Thursday just want it to be our time so badly. Sorry just needed to get it out hubby and everyone just says it's will be ok but they don't have the *brilliant* google knowledge I have...

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  • Just want to wish you luck for your scan x

  • Hi Lotbot. Just hoping that all went well with your scan today. Always an anxious time, but I do hope you got to meet your little "bean" at last and all is healthy. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Really hope all is ok xx

  • Thank you all, it was my panicking irrational brain. Everything is fine BOTH babies are doing really well and measuring perfect etc :) xx

  • Great news, massive congratulations!xx

  • Wow 2 babies that's amazing so happy for you xxxx

  • Amazing news!!!! Congratulations x

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