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Has anyone had any luck conceiving with irregular sperm? Just had the latest in a string of sperm analysis tests done & had a note from the lab to say as it is irregular it will probably cause fertility issues. My hubby has completely changed his lifestyle, is taking supplements & eating healthily. I just don't know what else to do.

We're not entitled to any further NHS funded investigations or treatment so no idea where we go from here. My hubby isn't interested in using a sperm donor or adopting & I can't cope with the thought of never being a mother. I'm getting scared that this is going to become an issue between us & I won't be able to change his mind. Anyone else been in this situation or have any advice? Xxx

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  • Hello

    My husbands sperm analysis came back at under 3 million first time with only 3% motility

    2nd sperm analysis under 1 million πŸ‘Ž

    Needs to be around 40 million to get pregnant. He had 5 years taking wellman suppliments, ( expensive) cutting back on booze, excercise etc. We didn't qualify for anything as ours was secondary fertility.

    He said from day 1 no donor sperm, which I understood. We wanted our baby to be his gebetically. Anyway it put a giant amount of pressure on us and our marriage and he ended up with depression and we almost broke up. So we stopped all the supplements, all the SA tests all the digital OV sticks, when we worked if out we were spending 100+ a month 😱 On it. X5 years.. synchronising sex rather than doing it for fun πŸ˜”

    Anyway 2 months after giving up we got a BFP and we're 35 weeks now waiting for our Xmas present β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ

    So yes, to answer you question sometimes Even with a count as low as ours, one will make it.

    Good luck πŸ˜‰ πŸ€

  • I'm so sorry, I replied to your message the other day but it doesn't seem to be on here. The reception is rubbish at work so maybe it didn't upload?!

    I just said thank you so much for reminding me of your story and that there is still hope! I will look forward to hearing that your Christmas present has arrived!! Xxxxx

  • Seeing your post just now is exactly what I needed. My partner is the same he has less than 1mill and same motility. We've had 1 failed ICSI and we are under 35. Just don't seem to be getting anywhere but it's so reassuring to see there are some success stories out there! Congratulations to you both x

  • Hi Star1976. I suppose it depends upon what was meant by irregular sperm. Was there any mention of trying ICSI? If this is possible, then maybe there could be some way around funding it if an appeal should fail. Diane

  • Thank you for your reply Diane. We have tried ICSI twice, had 4 embryos transferred but they never implanted. We were really hoping to get somewhere naturally. It just can't seem to increase the motility & count so we'll probably need to shell out for another round of IVF I think. X

  • Hi Star1976. Oh dear, so sorry you have been through so much. I do have a list of questions you might like to go through before going back for another consultation. It is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence I will send it to you. There just may be a couple you hadn't thought of asking. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane, I will email you today. I appreciate all of your help xx

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