96% sperm immotility, is there any hope?

Hi i'm new here any my DH has just had results saying his sperm is 96% immotility & only 1% vigourous. I've had the initial consult with the gynae but now waiting to have more tests. Is there any1 who's had such bad sperm results & still been able to use DHs sperm? I'd really want to avoid using a donor if possible. Also i've got fertilaid & mobilityboost on order, have these worked for any1 else? Thanks

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  • Hi there.i havnt had that problem but i do know that they can inseminate your eggs with hubbys sperm if they not very good swimmers.instead of putting your eggs and his sperm in a dish and let them carry on they knock out 1 sperm at a time and then inject into your egg.x

  • Hi, yes they can do ICSI in which they actually inject the sperm into the egg to fertilise it, they usually use this treatment when the male partner how a low sperm count or motility. My partner has a low count so this is the treatment we had. As for the supplements I put my partner on a range of vitamins that are meant to improve sperm quality and count. He went from 30% motility to about 60% in a few months. His count still fluctuated and no natural pregnancy but the clinic said the sperm he did produce was nice and healthy and more than enough for ICSI. So good luck.

  • Wow missmmc thats great news! What vitamins did you put him? I'm willing to try anything as with his result being so bad we need to try & keep some happy healthy sperm. Thanks for replying :-)

  • Hi Poochi after researching on Dr google I put him on 500mg L-arginine, 100mg Co-Enzyme Q10, 500mg L-Carnitine, 500mg Maca and finally 25mg Zinc. If you look at the ingredients of the supplements you have got for him they most probably have these in them but a lower doses or just more expensive then buying separately. I'm not a Dr so I can only tell you what he took and is still taking bless him. But he hasn't suffered any ill effects and it has made an improvement to his motility. He still has a low sperm count but what he does have is moving in the right direction and no problems fertilising eggs with the use of ICSI. So check what your ingredients and whatever happens good luck it only takes one sperm to fertilise and egg xx

  • Hi there, we ttc for 4 years with my hubby having less than 1 mil sperm which was pretty bad. we found success on our 2nd icsi cycle after my hubby didn't drink 3 months leading up to ec and took a high antioxidant diet/supplements. sperm count was same but fertilisation was much better about 90% but 1st cycle only less than half fertilised.. we now have beautiful 8 month old twin boys. good luck dont give up on your dream xxx

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