So my 1 lil egg fertilised!!

Hi all

Just to update, got this on an email from my Greek clinic early this morning:

'Day 1 today of your embryo development and the egg we obtained was mature and put through the ICSI process and it did fertilise normally. Therefore, off to a good start but still very early days to say how things will develop up to day 5.'

So great news to wake up to.Praying it survives.its gonna be a tense 5 days!!

Flying home tomorrow as if our little one makes it to day 5, the plan is to freeze and try and collect another in January to be able to put 2 back to increase this old girls chances!!

Early days but already leaps & bounds ahead of where our London clinic got us in April so really couldn't be happier!!


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  • πŸ‘πŸ‘ great news xxx

  • That's great. Congratulations! !xx

  • That's amazing news, keeping everything crossed for you!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Great news!!! Xxx

  • So happy for you....hope all continues to go very very well for you....

  • Fingers crossed for you! Great that you're already doing better than previously!!xx

  • Amazing news 😘

  • Excellent - how have you found the whole experience of going to Greece? Did they sort your accommodation out? Has there been a language barrier at all and can I ask who you used? Where did you have your tests done? Is it OK to fly soon after a transfer? I'm hoping to get things moving with regards to using another clinic but getting all the info together is challenging!

    I would really appreciate any info, especially as we are of similar age.

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • I was actually thinking about u when here & thinking it would b a good place for u to come as it feels quite safe & the clinic would look after very likely to have to come back alone as my oh can't get time off that easily & I think I'd b ok here.service outstanding compared to any uk clinics I've dealt with.just packing up to go home but will pm u tomorrow or later on if I get wi fi anywhere x

  • Look forward to hearing about it. I feel a bit anxious going abroad on my own for safety reasons, how would I book the flights along with treatment etc. Did you have your blood and any other tests done in the UK? All these questions! x

  • Thank you for your message - pleased everything worked well for you x

  • Fab new :))) x

  • Great news, well done xx

  • That's great news...fingers journey home, I may be looking to go to Greece next year so good to read you felt comfy and they good..lots of love xxx

  • I'll pm u about the clinic when home x

  • Congrats! great news indeed. Wish you luck, keep us updated about day 5.

    keep everything crossed !xx

  • Got an email this morning to say day to, cells r doing what they should! Praying we get to day 5! x

  • woohoo! it's a wonder, isn'it?! praying for you too, you'll get the best embies soon x

  • yap! sooooo happy for you! xxx

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