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1 egg fertilised from 8 donor eggs which were collected

Hi all ,

Wondering if anyone has been through this . I have been on here a few times lately as trying to keep calm .

My donor came to our IVF clinic yesterday and we got the call they got 8 eggs for me . ( I'm on an egg share with another recipient ) . I was so thrilled by this news

I've only just heard back that my husbands sperm to fine and strong but only one egg has fertilised !!!!!!

I only get funding for one cycle , so it all depends on this egg . The embryologist has told me there is still a hurdle to go as the cells need to divide over night .

I'm up and down and doing my best to stay positive but feel a bit heartbroken that there weren't more eggs and scared of it failing 😪....

Any advise peeps . This forum does help me .


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Hi Leah - one fertilised egg is great news, that's all you need. It's a nervy 24 hours waiting to see how they do overnight but most do very well and are ready for ET within 2-5 days. It's no use me telling you to relax because it's hard to but try to do something to take your mind off things. Best of luck for ET day x x x

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Thanks momma bear . I think I was just a bit shaken . The embryologist said if it does divide I will look at ET in 2 days time . I think when she said she was ringing with "not the best news " , my heart sank . Just hoping on this one egg 🙏🙏🙏.... I appreciate the response xxx


Hi Leah, our 1st cycle we had 7 mature eggs and had the same shocking call from the embryologist that only 1 fertilised.

In our case we suspected it was due to sperm being not the best quality having been surgically removed. Our cycle didn't work but during my 2ww I read so many stories of women who had 1 fighter that implanted and went on to be their baby so your definitely not out of it.

Good luck and fingers crossed this is the 1 xxx

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Thanks so much jo jo . This does give me hope . I'm sorry your first cycle was unsuccessful too and wish you also luck .... I guess we wait until tomorrow to check the egg quality and take it from there . I'm remaining hopeful xxx🙏🙏🙏


Aww can imagine your anxious now but keep believing it only takes one xxx

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I can understand your disappointment about the fertilisation rate after getting 8 eggs. Fingers crossed this one will make it.


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