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In an akward place

Hi everybody im in a terriable place i had my period on friday came home found a clomid prescription in the letterbox i have manage to get hold of clomid i cn start taking it tonight 25 nov 16 but when i ring on monday to book a scan to chk my follicle what if they say we dont have any appointments left what shll i do then my aointment with dr is 12 december what should i di start taking it or wait untell next month :(

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I cant even ring then fertilty clinic as they r shut should have a number really to ring diring weekends


Hie . hope all went well. these clinics should have emergency numbers😡

If they are still unavailable better to wait. let me know how it went xxx

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Hello there i managed to get the clomid nd have started taking it but i was wondering when does the follicle ultersound take place im on cycle day 4 . Thanks x


Hie. good your journey is on. The scans depend on individuals programs. I was in gonal f and my first scan to monitor the follicles was in day 5. this scan will determine if you need to increase dosage, reduce it or mantain it. your doctor or nurse needs to discuss with you your whole treatment plan. xxx

Good luck hun . I am due for embryo transfer in December


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