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Never been so happy to see Aunt Flow!!


Morning Ladies,

I just wanted to give you a quick update. AF came yesterday morning, big time!! I was so pleased....

I spoke to the clinic and I start my Merinol on Saturday evening - I'm on 4 powders to 1 water. I then introduce Cetrotide on Thursday morning and continue with both....Scan on Monday 5th December.

Wish me luck for the next stage.

Anna xx

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tots can understand you, my flow started a bit later than i was expecting it and i think I overreacted a bit, but now I have had my scan and yay endometrium grows well and i think in a week and a half I am coming to my clinic for ET

good luck!!

ps i took another set of meds i think, i was given like progesterone and utragestan etc

Good luck Anna. Hope it all goes well for you.

Good luck Anna :) x x x


Hi Crocodile80. There you go! All turned out OK in the end. Well done, and good luck with the rest of the cycle. Diane

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