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Donor sperm IVF


So my husband and I found out a couple of months ago that my husband doesn't produce sperm so can never biologically father children. It's something that we always thought was a strong possibility and are now itching to get things moving. We have three appointments booked (1 seminar, 1 gynae and 1 nurse) but neither of us really know what to expect! Has anyone out there used donor sperm? By the sounds of things our clinic will match us with someone but it's all an unknown at the moment. Our appointments are at the beginning of December so should know more then but would be grateful for any insights on IVF with donor sperm in the UK.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Sorry to hear about your hubby. I've not used donor sperm myself but my sister has - slightly different situation to you and they did not qualify for NHS funding so used a private clinic. They were given a load of choices, looks and education, most of the donors were from abroad as in the UK there are hardly and registered donors so I guess on the NHS there may be a long delay. She chose an American donor and was given a 15% success rate first try, it worked and I am expecting a niece or nephew in the New Year. Good luck in your journey, hope it works out for you x


We used DE for round 3 at a private UK clinic all our treatment was self funded so timescales may well be quicker than via NHS. We had to undergo a implications counselling session before we were accepted. This was to check that we would explain to any resultant children that we'd needed help, just as the advice is to tell adopted children they are adopted. We then met with a nurse to go through our preferences such as hair & eye colour, skin tone, height/build of the donor. We thought about both our physical characteristics and those of wider family. We were matched quickly with a donor and felt the physical characteristics were acceptable for us. The process for ICSI/IVF was then started.

I found the Donor Conception website really helpful especially with my concerns about any resultant children not being biologically related to me and bonding. Sadly DE didn't result in a BFP for us.

I hope that you get treatment quickly and that it results in a BFP and a baby.

Good luck.


Hi MrsHM. Yes, it is sad that you both can't have your own biological baby together, but I was so pleased to read that you have both decided to opt for DI. If you could see all the babies I have here that have been born through donor sperm and donor eggs, and their lovely families - it's just brilliant! The fact that you are having IVF, means that your husband will be with through all stages, which is good to know. I do have a list of questions I can send you if you would like me to, so you can have a look through before you go back for your next clinic visit. Most won't be appropriate, but there just may be a couple you hadn't thought of asking. List too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence I will send it to you. Massive luck with all this for you both. Diane. support@fertilitynetworkuk.org


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