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McDonald stitch 18 weeks


Hoping for a little reassurance, I have been suffering from bleeding and clots throughout my pregnancy but had two large bleeds yesterday and was admitted last night. I have had my cervix checked and it has started to open so the consultant is sending me for a McDonald stitch today. She mentioned a lot of risks and complications as the stitch is usually performed earlier in pregnancy but I have been told I will go into early labour without it.

Has anyone had a stitch done?

Thank you

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Hi Se99. Also known as a "cerclage" procedure. Not had one myself, but as a previous midwife, we came across one having to be done from time to time. Sometimes done for incompetent cervix and sometimes for placenta praevia to correct blood loss. Obviously I hope all went well today with the procedure and you are now resting. Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy and birth. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you Diane, just a waiting game now x

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