Cant stop poas since BFP

Hey I have a confession, since my BFP last Saturday I have become a poas addict! I cant stop myself every morning I have to do a test or I wake up feeling like it was a dream or i'm somehow going to be less pregnant than the day before, sometimes i've done two a day! its costing me a fortune! was anyone else like this? at first I just wanted to see darker lines but now I'm just addicted to seeing them its like a little reassurance but doesn't stop me fretting something will go wrong :( any advice me appreciated xxx

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  • If you really feel a compulsion to do them you could get some internet cheapies. In the meantime perhaps you could try to definitely limit testing to once a day, then every other day, then once a week?

  • lol I've got a secret utensil bowl in my kitchen and it's crammed with HPTs I'm 32 weeks πŸ˜‚ Started off with the digitals wanting to see weeks pregnant increase. A tenna a pop! Gave up at week 9 never got a 3+ πŸ™„ Then at Asda I found a 2 pack for a pound in a sale aisle. Bought 20 packs 😱Told myself just till scan... nope.. then DH found the stash and went mad, so I stopped for a few days then found some old crusty ov tests and started using them 😏 Then there were a few dramas with the anomoly scan, which caused some scares coupled with a awkward placed placenta didn't have much movement to reassure me and the PoAS started again. It has been a few weeks now since I did one, but I was well towards the end of my 2nd trimester before i stopped. (Have scans every month now tho to assess)I still look in that pot at the tests now with the same wonder and amazement as the first time I saw it come up +

    When you've fought so long for something and wanted it soooo badly we assume we will have it taken from us. It's a natural reaction! I won't truley relax until I'm holding my son in my arms.

    Your not alone Hun xxx

  • Hey misswinky34 Im glad im not the only one with a growing preg test collection lol! I have been collecting them on my bedside table as sometimes I wake in a panic and need to look! funny yesterday the cleaners came and I was like OMG and had to quickly rush upstairs to hide them all haha they'd wonder who is this crazy woman with a variety collection of pee sticks lol! Strange you never got to 3+ on the digi one I have 2-3wks on it on my OTD hoping to save the other one till maybe 6wks and see if it goes up altho ill try not to I know ill panic if it doesnt so ill try and remember what you have said, i think it would be easier if GP checked your bloods every few days or at the clinic to tell if HCG was still rising unfortunately they dont so I just have darker lines to reasure me a bit and nothing else! I agree I do feel like it will be taken away as its been 7yrs of heartache to get here I wonder when it will actually sink in and i can relax! xxx

  • Hey Tugsgirl im scared to use the cheap ones! As I got values ones the other day and used one, nothing showed on it not even a control line which made me panic until I took a clear blue. I know youre right tho I should deff try limit it to once a week, maybe after the first scan... xxx

  • Hi pMauz. I realise that sometimes it is difficult to take on board the fact that you are actually pregnant! You are, so I would stop paying for unnecessary test kits and go out for a nice meal instead! Look forward to meeting your little "bean" at your first scan, which will be amazing! That's my lecture over with - enjoy your pregnancy and I hope all goes well for you - well done! Diane

  • Thanks Diane, I like the idea of a meal hehe I probably could have had three by now oh well...I will try take the advice and curb the testing I just wish there was some other more reassuring way to tell if anything had changed, I dont have much in the way of symptoms to reassure me at this point or anything.

  • Symptoms will arrive when they're ready - have no fear! Enjoy your weekend and watch some fireworks! Diane

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