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Consultation, ultrasound & gynaecology appt??

Hi ladies

I am meeting with my consultant on 7th nov @ sea croft hospital & already had 1st nurse appt to gather medical history etc. I now have recieved a letter for an ultrasound scan at the leeds hospital on the 15th nov but also and this is what Im confused about - recieved a letter to book an infertility gynaecology appt which is booked on 21st nov at pinderfields hospital in Wakefield. I understand the first two appts but can anyone shed light on the gynaecology appt? They said allow up to 2 hours to be there.

Thanks xx

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Hi Laura3101. No idea. Could you contact them and find out? Good luck! Diane


Yeah I think I will Im awaiting the confirmation letter about the appt and they said it would have more details but Im also seeing my consultant next monday so going to ask him too and see if it's something I need to go to


Hi Laura3101. If you get stuck at any time, I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go. It is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to support@fertilitynetworkuk.org I will send it to you. Good luck! Diane


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