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Morning everyone that's me all sorted for the hospital this morning another morning jag done. I also done my forst evening injection lastnight wasn't too bad my belly is alright with the injections its taking really well to it. how's everyone this morning. another appiointment today for another blood test then on Monday to go in on the morning for more blood and another scan I hope everything is working the way it should x Lindsay x

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  • Im on day 2 of stimulation (day 8. On buserelin) thought i was doing ok but just laid out the 2 injections and i just have come over all teary ... stupid broken body that needs all these drugs to do something that is meant to be so natural....

  • I was like that yesterday wishingandhoping. It is so emotional i'm just trying to stay calm and think positive..i'm on my way to the hospital the now fingers crossed it's all working the way it should. where are you based?x

  • Fingers crossed its all working out for you! Ive got my first mid stimulation scan on tues. I was suprised yesterday when they scanned and a small endometrioma had grown back on my left side (only a couple of months post surgery!) im based up near edinburgh - where abouts are you?

  • I'm attending Glasgow Royal. my appointment went great today had another scan and she said it's all looking good my follicles are still small but I will get another scan on Monday :-D hope they have grew over the weekend x

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