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Help ladies! I've come home to a letter from nhs confidential about booking an apt to attend a gynaecology service at a number of different hospitals. I spoke with the nurse yesterday who said I should receive a letter about booking a scan but this should be done at leeds- is this what anyone else had? The reason Im freaking out is I had a smear done last week & Gp receptionist told me it was normal yesterday and now I've recieved this today so now Im wondering is this connected to my smear and it's not normal at all??! There was nothing in with the letter at all just this appt booking form


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  • Unless it specifies colposcopy due to abnormal smear I very much doubt it, my best friend just got that letter with leaflets about what to expect of the procedure. Yours sounds more routine than that, the choice if hospitals usually works on a waiting time basis. I live in Leeds but got sent 20 miles to another hospital in Huddersfield as their waiting times were shorter. If you don't like the hospital choices, they can be changed. try not to worry until you can speak to someone who can clarify 😊 Xxxx

  • Thank you for replying I just got myself in an awful flap ha ha my friends who have had abnormal smears have said the same as you too! I'll be ringing at 8am sharpish in the morning to clarity what it is for 😊xx

  • That's ok Hun there's nothing worse than opening your post late and not being able to speak to anyone 😐 Usually happens to me in a Friday and I'm stuck fretting about it all weekend lol 😏

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