2ww - underestimated how hard this would be

Really struggling during the past week with sleepless nights & bad anxiety - waiting on the day I can finally do my PT. Feel as though no one around me understands no matter how hard they try - bless) and since transfer I have never felt so lonely, my DP just seems to think whatever will be will be but i'm really dreading how I am going to take it if it is a BFN. Keep waking up with some sort of ache down below thinking I have gotten my period, endless trips to the loo during the night to check. Had slight spotting on day of transfer but nothing since. Can't wait until Thursday to confirm with PT. Sorry for the negative post, just having a really bad few days and don't know where else to turn. Love and luck to all you ladies!!


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  • Hey

    Don't beat yourself up, you are human. Everyone on here who's done the 2ww has felt the same.

    Hang in thereπŸ’•

  • Hi I know it really is awful. I didn't think the 2ww would be that bad but it was torturous. I think I was almost relieved when we finally did the test even tho it was negative sadly. I started spotting about 3 days before the test which did turn into a full blown period but before that I was constanty on the toilet and couldn't relax at all. All you can do is try and be positive if it's a bfp that will be wonderful but if it'd not try to think you can try again and think of all the other good things you have in your life . That's all I tried to do xxx

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your kind reply and encouragement. I have tested today and is negative but think its just been due to me doing the test far too early which was silly of me xxx

  • It really is so hard and like you say, nobody else really gets it. I found making a plan b helped me to get through. Even though I was thinking positive and hoping for the best, knowing what we would do if it was a bfn helped to calm me a little bit. You have done so well not to test early and you're almost there. Good luck and we are always here to keep you company through the tough times xxx

  • Hi, Thanks for your kind reply! Makes me feel a lot better being able to talk to people on here in similar situations - is it a big comfort xxx

  • I'm in the middle of my 2ww and it's driving me insane. Worried when I have pains and worried when I don't. We'll be OK honey. Look how much we've gone through already! Lots of love and luck to you xxx

  • Hi, Thanks for your kind words - i caved in today and now wishing i hadn't! Fingers crossed for us on test day! Let me know how you get on - best of luck! xxx

  • hi dear, it s a longest wait in life without knowing to b happy or to b sad....but the best thing s to think positively....yeah it is insane but no option without waiting...many of us cave fr home test too but best way s to hv patience n wait...if u cant do n test it n it came negative, think positively bcz hcg s not detected soon in urine...in my case i had done 4 home test til the 1 day befor of OTD n all came negative but i ws stil thinking positively n on the OTD it came positive in blood test though i had gone through miscarriage. wish u good luck n lov to hear BFP.

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply and lovely words - I caved today and tested negative but think it may be that I done this far too early (hopefully) So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, hope you are healing well - lots of love!

  • I also believe that its too early to b detected in urine.we cant control ourselves in this longest wait n we cave to test. Blood can detect early but it needs more days to be detected in urine. Wish you good luck on OTD. Will be waiting to hear BFP.

  • The 2ww is designed to make you feel nervous, anxious and scared. Lol. I am sure everyone here completely understands what you are going through. Try and stay calm and keep yourself busy. Let us know how you get on. Praying for that BFP. Baby dust to you. xxx

  • I felt the same way and in the end after going through it many times, I found it was easier just to take the tests at the earliest point (which is before the official test date - see online charts). Even if it was negative at least I knew what the status was that day!

  • Hi, Thanks for your reply - i done a test today which was negative but hopefully is just due to it being too early, Did you every get a negative result which turned into positive when done on the correct date?

  • No - just that the line was extremely faint when I first tested and day by day it got darker. Good luck!

  • Thanks Ladies for your lovely words of comfort and encouragement! Means a lot to me! xxx

  • Hi stargaze89,

    Really understand how you feel. I'm in 2ww and only just had my embryos put back yesterday. Going nuts already!!I

    You're damned if you do test early and damned if you don't. I've done it with my previous 3 rounds. Really hope you tested too soon. Everything crossed for you. Hold on, you're nearly there x x

  • Hi, Hopefully this round ends in a successful BFP for you too! Thanks for your kind words! Good luck! xxx

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