Worried - 6 weeks Preg - barely any symptoms

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had similar experience but went on to have healthy pregnancy/birth?

Got my BFP a few weeks ago (home PT), on official test day the 2nd line was there but not as dark as the first, I repeated the test a week and a bit later thinking the line would be darker but still fainter than the other line (thought it would have been darker as more HCG would be in my system)

I'm now classed as in the 6th week of pregnancy and although I have been feeling tired, loss of appetite and a bit queasy I have not had any major signs of pregnancy (no morning sickness/ breast tenderness etc) and don't 'feel pregnant' either.

Can't stop worrying now in case something is wrong. My hospital don't confirm by blood tests and first scan isn't until the 17.10.16.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Just hoping to put my mind at ease a bit xxx

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  • I can't advise you on a bfp post IVF but when my best friend conceived she never had any symptoms. Not one. Throughout her whole pregnancy. She told me she felt like a fraud. No sickness or sore boobs, not even a craving. Obviously she got bigger and bigger as time progressed and she was uncomfortable when baby started kicking but that was it x

  • Sure I read that sometimes morning sickness etc does not start until 6 weeks so don't speak too soon!xx

  • Hi, I didn't have any signs either until later, I used the tests which tell you how many weeks pregnant to see if it changed. I'm now 14 weeks, good luck, it's so scary waiting for that first scan x

  • Thanks Ladies, that puts my mind at ease knowing im not the only one. 2 week countdown til the scan to confirm if everything is ok. I suppose the worrying never stops until they are actually in your arms, the its a whole different set of worries lol All worth it in the end! xxx

  • Hi stargaze 89.. With my midwife's hat on this sounds very normal to me. The usual first symptoms of pregnancy are tiredness, a bit of nausea and loss of appetite. Not everyone gets breast tenderness straight away. Be assured that your pregnancy tests are positive, and look forward to meeting your little "bean" when you go for your scan. It's not to long to wait. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi, Thanks Diane, That's makes me feel a lot better! Think im not happy unless im worrying about something these days! lol xxx

  • Hi stargaze89. That's good to hear. I do hope that you get to have your first midwife appointment soon, which will help you lots. Diane

  • I didn't really feel any different until about 9+ weeks so don't worry! X

  • Hi stargaze89. How are you? x

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