At today's scan I have 13 follicles on my left ovary and I think (but can't remember) that I have a similar amount on the right (give or take). I told the nurse how tender I am, how my boobs are sore. After taking bloods and conferring with a doctor they've decided EC will be on Monday. I have another scan Friday. There concern is OHSS. Since I got back from my scan I literally feel like my stomach is hanging between my knees. Not exactly painful but I can't remember a time when I was this uncomfortable 😣

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  • Additional; the reason EC is Monday and not Friday is because my largest follicle is measuring at 16mm

  • Hey Tugsgirl,

    That's a good amount of follicles. No wonder your sore 😔 you'll be glad once EC is done and hopefully that will make you feel much better and less uncomfortable.

    Hopefully you don't have OHSS although I have read it's common.

    Good luck 🍀 Hope all goes well xxx

  • That's their concern so scan Friday and another blood test. They've got me concerned now too 😕 X

  • Ps I will be sooooo glad when EC is done yes, even though I'm dreading it lol x

  • Oooh that's alot of eggs, no wonder you're feeling heavy

  • I know. I feel like a Queen 🐝

  • Hi Tugsgirl. Sorry you are so uncomfortable. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and rest when you can. Fingers crossed all goes well with egg collection, and your ovaries soon settle down. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you 😊

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