DE abroad cycle day 7 womb lining scan

So its all starting .... had my scan this morning im on day 7 of my cycle and my lining is 7.7 which is apparently good?! I have told my clinic in Cyprus and they are happy and have to keep medication as it is.

Getting so close now i feel so excited but also scared! We fly Friday fertilise Saturday then put 4 embryos in on the 6th October fly back 7th! its all go go go! looking forward to some sun as well as its lovely out there at the minute.

Anyway just thought id keep an update on here for those considering treatment abroad x

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  • Hi Blondyboo way to go. I am glad you had a good lining result and want to wish you all the best for this week and next week. Let me know how you get on - PM me.

    Take care


  • will do ;) xx

  • How exciting! Good luck, I hope it all works out for you. I went abroad to Czech Rep for DE and now have a little baby girlπŸ˜€


  • oh lovely Jhza700 ! I hope we get the luck you did :) xx

  • Aw good luck. I am following your journey X

  • Good luck Blondyboo! Xxx

  • How does the whole abroad thing work? I'll be looking into it if this cycle doesn't work but I have no idea where to u have the scans and meds over here and just go abroad for the EC and ET? How do U go about having scans over here? Sorry all for the questions...just weighing up options??!x

  • We are doing DE so using your own eggs is a bit different but we are only out there 7 days you start meds here then have a scan here then you're off! Paid for private scan Β£100 x

  • All the best blondybooxx. Hope It goes well you never know it could be quads or twins! ! Very exciting. Really hoping it all works out for you this time xxx let me know how it goes

  • Best of luck! I am also following your journey!! Very confused about what steps to follow next & how the whole abroad thing works x

  • Good luck and keep my fingers crossed

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