Two embryos developing?

had my first scan yesterday at 6.5 weeks . Saw one healthy baby with heartbeat and good measurements. Then came the shock, they saw a possible fetal pole with alot smaller measurements and could not see a heartbeat right in top corner of my uterus where it joins the fallopian tube. The sonograpger could not be sure what it was. I had discharge on and off from last Wednesday and then 2 days ago I bled with some clots but no pain. They think it is possible cornual pregnancy but not sure. I have another scan in 10 days time. They said if I get severe pain and heavy bleeding that soaks a pad in an hour to call an ambulance. I am so worried. They were not sure what it is. I forgot to ask where they think the bleeding is coming from? I am struggling. I don't know whether I should try and get another opinion from a hospital for women ? Or get a private scan or just wait ? Appreciate any advice please

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  • I think because you have so many questions and are worried, it's probably worth trying to see if you can get an appointment at your local hospitals epu?

    I would have lots of questions too, the unknowning is torment x

  • I am with the local epu. I called them yesterday to ask some more questions. I think they are waiting to see if the smaller one in the corner gets absorbed by my body. Maybe because it has stopped developing. If it still grows it could be ectopic which could affect the healthy one

  • Oh ok, I thought this was your first IVF clinic scan before getting discharged to your local hospital/midwife....

    It's a very difficult situation to be in :-(

    Are they also monitoring your HCG levels?

  • I actually don't think they are monitoring my hcg? I never thought to ask this and they never mentioned it. Maybe because there is another pregnancy in there

  • Maybe, but I guess they should know what number parameters they are looking for? It's frustrating you have to wait 10 days :-(

  • yes. I am at my wits end. Every tinge or upset tummy and increase bleeding im thinking is this going to be the pain they said could happen if it grows in the corner. I am worried . I just have to wait 10 days. I don't know what else I can.

  • I had something very similar. I had two embroys transferred and as my HCG levels weren't going up as they wanted I had an early scan to rule out ectopic. The scab showed my pregnancy in my uterus and what looked to be my second embryo in my ovary due to the shape. I was scanned every week and Told Same as you any pain call an ambulance and now at 9 weeks whatever was in my ovary has sorted itself out and I have been discharged. They are now saying they do not know if it was a cyst or my second embryo. It's hard as there isn't much they can tell you other than keep coming back for scans to see if it's resolving itself.

    i am praying you have the same outcome and hoping your body resolves itself xxx

  • thank you for replying. I am so worried. I a hoping whatever it is disappears. Growing and staying in the corner is so risky. They said no point doing hcg levels. We just have to wait and see. If it is an embryo, it is so behind the other one. They started off at same time. I don't know if there can be late developers. Maybe why they could not make out what it was and they don't think they could see a heart beat.

  • Hi Mandy_K. Just read your post. I think I would be reassured that the 2nd sac is not developing, which is probably a good thing, as it could have ended up becoming an ectopic pregnancy. It's sad that this has happened, but you do have a healthy viable pregnancy there, which is fantastic! I think you will find that the other sac will eventually just get absorbed by little one's placenta and cause no problems. The bleeding you did have could possibly have been caused by the other sac just not developing and trying to expel. However, hopefully all should soon settle down and you will be non the wiser. Lovely to hear that your little "bean" is ticking away strongly - amazing to see. Thinking of you. Diane

  • thanks Diane. I have been so worried. I just had hospital report. The healthy one is measuring sac of 24x15x24mm with fetal pole of 7mm. The lesser one is they think 11x15x4mm with possible fetal pole of 4mm. The healthy one show ed me as 6.5 weeks pregnant. This should be about right. My bleeding has died down. Just spotting. Silly question but could this be a good sign? I know I have to wait for the next scan.

  • Hi Mandy_K. Well, the healthy one has all healthy measurements for its age. The other measurements do look as if the sac has "arrested", as it would be much bigger than that if it was viable. Obviously, somehow you're going to have to be patient for the next scan. Also, occasionally a sac that high up might continue to develop but won't necessarily grow down the tube. if it was, I'm sure you would be in pain by now. All will be clear soon, so just try and rest. Diane

  • Aww Diane as always you are always so helpful and your medical understanding really helps. The hospital medical staff were all so lovely but I know they can only tell us so much. Given with IVF you can be so specific on dates, I should be 7 weeks tomorrow. It is interesting because they hospital staff kept asking if I have been and are in pain. i had not had any pain. Of course though, I know things can change on day by day, minute by minute basis so I will continue to keep hoping and praying all is well. I will let you know how I get on with my second scan. Thank you

  • hi Diane I had my 2nd scan. I am even more confused. The healthy one is doing fine. Measuring 8 weeks and 4 days. The potential issue one is still in the corner. The gestational sac and fetal pole have grown. The possible fetal pole was 4mm 12 days ago and now is 7mm. This one is 6 weeks and 4 days. However there could not find a heartbeat or yolk sac and are not sure because it was so difficult to see whether they may have missed this. But on my summary letter they recorded no heartbeat on this. I have another scan in 10 days time. I am so scared. How can a fetal pole grow without heartbeat or yolk sac.?

  • Hi Mandy-K. The foetal pole develops before the yolk sac, followed by the heartbeat. Your scan has been booked for 10 days time, and it is going to be a nightmare waiting to have this done. Ideally, a foetal pole measurement's reading is done between 6 and 7 weeks gestation. The second one has grown, but doesn't seem to be developing. If all is well with your next scan, and you have satisfactory readings - even if a bit smaller, then baby No 2 should catch up. This could all be down to the bleeding you had at the beginning, and hopefully No 2 is settling down again. However, we have to be realistic, and be prepared for you to have one healthy pregnancy, which is spot on with measurements and development. Obviously, keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

  • thanks Diane. I'm still at my wits end. It is all so confusing. I know we can only wait again. The unhealthy one is 2 weeks behind the other one and yes maybe too early for tho one to see a yolk sak or heartbeat. As awful as it sounds I'm hoping it is not developing but it has grown since last scan. Even though still behind at same period as last scan. Here goes the waiting again.

  • Hi Mandy_K. I am so proud that you are being sensible about all this. Yes, it is a nightmare and you can only wait and hope. All will definitely be clear when you go back. Sending you gentle hugs. Diane

  • Hi Diane I am bleeding red blood again. I don't know what to do - I don't think there is any pain . Just a bit sharpish on my left side but not severe . I don't know whether I should phone the hospital who have been dealing with me but then I don't want to waste anyone's time.

  • On!y just read this, and hope you got checked out at the hospital. In office in morning. Let me know how you get on please. Diane

  • I miscarried. In hospital. They don't know which one or ifboth miscarried. Waiting for scan. Had so much pain . They think they saw a fetus. They cannot some product out. It is stuck in cervix. Will give way forward after first thing scan

  • Hi Mandy_K. Oh my poor love! Obviously keeping everything crossed that you still have one little one in there. Do let me know how the scan goes if you can. Diane xx

  • I miscarried. Both have gone. We are besides ourselves. I am at a loss.

  • Oh no, that's really awful, I'm so sorry. What a horrible and unfair rollercoaster you've been on. There are probably no words that will help right now, it will take time to get your head round and come to terms with. It might not help right now but it might give you some hope to think that other people have gone through something similarly awful but have gone on to have a healthy baby in the future. Take care of yourself xx

  • Hi Mandy_K. Oh my poor girl! I'm so sorry to hear this. It is going to be so very painful for you both for some time, but you have each other for support. If you would like me to phone you at all, please email me your number in confidence to Diane

  • Sounds good that it hasn't grown it sounds like it's sorting itself out. I was like you beside myself with worry and told there wasn't much they could do other than scans every week as obviously they didn't want to operate. It's hard but really there is nothing they can do other than wait it out.

    I have everything crossed for you! Think positive I am sure everything will be fine!! Xx

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