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A new day, a new problem 12dpt

Well, after my disaster with the pessaries last night all day today I've had bad period-type pains which have been getting increasingly worse as the day has gone on. Also had brown spotting which started very light (barely noticed it) then got more noticeable and now has stopped again (though the cramps are still here). Feel devastated as I'm convinced this is the end. I'm even more annoyed because I'm spending the night at my mums because my husband is having a night out with his friends and I really need him here right now.

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Aww honey I really feel for you! Sending you a big hug. This journey is tough!! Hopefully cramps and spotting will stop and all will be ok. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙏🙏🙏 xxx


Stay strong honey. There are lots of stories on here where people have been convinced their symptoms are bad and then everything has turned out ok. You really can't know anything xxx I hope you have managed you get some sleep, I will be thinking of you x


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