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Ask a nurse diane

Hi Diane

Just a query. I had my scan before starting injections next week. The doctor casually said here you can see you have polycystic ovaries!

I didn't have them before treatment?!

What does this mean? I'm 39 next week. This is my last cycle xx I've had 3 attempts with only 2 ec

First one cancelled as estradiol went through the roof.

Is there anything i should be aware of?💕

Thanks as always

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Hi Miraclebeliever. Polycystic ovaries can crop up at any stage during our lives. However, it is doubtful that you have the "syndrome", as this would have previously been diagnosed. It just means that you may need extra monitoring so that you do not over stimulate. Should this happen, then i'm sure you will be able to go on for egg collection, but should your ovaries become over stimulated, then you may have to have your embryos, once created, stored frozen and used once your ovaries have settled back down. This is more of a nuisance and a worry for you, but not for your clinic, as it unfortunately happens lots. This doesn't decrease your chance of success, so fingers crossed all goes well. Thinking of you. Diane

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Ahhhhh it's clear now😁i live in Spain so sometimes the explanations are hard to understand.

Makes sense as every cycle I've had ohss.

I'm hoping to freeze all if they even get to day 5 which isn't too likely as never happened before unfortunately.

If they don't reach day 5 it's game over for us in afraid😞

Thanks for everything Diane, your fab😍😍😍


Hi Miraclebeliever. Been away for a couple of days, so just read your post. Do let me know how you get on if you can, and HUGE luck this time. Diane


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