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i'm getting lost in all those terms and definitions of reproductive medicine word

my husband and I want to have a child the case is I have a genetic muscular atrophy and I know there's a chance of inheriting my disease in my babies

as i was researching, PGS can be a solution for us. also thought about egg donation (an idea of mu MIL)

Is here anyone who opted PGD or PGS for your own embryos?

What are the costs? Guarantees?

How long does the whole process take?

Is it safe for embryos?

Please tell your experience

thank u

it's very important for us now, we're getting lost in this new world of assisted reproduction medicine

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Quite a few clinics offer screening. Their prices vary greatly between clinics. You might get an idea by looking at the website "what clinic". They'll be able to tell you who does embryo screening. I know a couple clinics abroad that are good do it as well.

It will be between you and your hubby whether to try this first or go straight over to egg donation. Decisions aren't easy are they?!


Hi SheriWell. Lots of decisions to make here,especially when it is only natural to want to have your own genetic baby. if you have a look at the following, all your questions will be answered. hfea.gov.uk/preimplantation... Always remember too, that in spite of any tests/investigations, at the end of the day it is all down to implantation, whether with your own embryos or ones using donated eggs. Lots to think about, but I do wish you both HUGE luck! Diane


Hi Diane

How can you improve the chances of implantation? I know of some women who've had PGS tested embryos transferred and they haven't implanted.



Hi Marisa. this depends upon your consultant's preference. Some advise to take a low-dose soluble aspirin daily. Some prescribe "Clexane" - heparin to prevent any clot formation in the lining of the womb, and some prescribe low-doses of prednisilone (steroid) to boost your immune system. More involved treatments are usually offered after several failed IVF attempts. Diane


The cost of ivf combined with PGS NGS is about 5 000 Euro (invitro clinic in Gdansk/Poland)


We're making decision now as to pursuing egg donation ivf, after all. it's tough to decide and we have some dissonance in family. we're tending to traveling to Ukraine - the country I know hardly anything about but so many people recommend its reproductive medicine and reviews are mostly good. The prices seem minor if to compared to American once. For one try of egg donor ivf you pay around 5k euro, everything's included, even hotel, driver and food. That's an important bonus for us given that we don’t know the language. They told we can even choose the donor on our own. They all are Ukrainians. They told absolutely healthy. They told only 2 of 10 are accepted to donate. This is on top of everything else for me. I still have so many doubts mostly because it’s such a long way to go. I’m afraid that the country may still seem as a post soviet one. However, I saw the photos of clinic and it looks nice and modern. Who have been to Kiev recently? Your overview is so welcomed

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thank you Rasteny. I've looked it up in the internet. Really, they also provide egg donation services, as well as PGD which was also on our option list. It's very comfy that they have all contracts available online, and the price is also not a secret. Sounds great, good conditions, but such a long way to travel there. We're from the USA


yes, it's def worth travelling. we've made some calculations and found out that even with the costs of air tickets it'll be much cheaper for us to have tx in Ukraine. and service package is also quite nice.

what I'm really afraid of is of.... the unknown, you see. Ukraine seems to remote and obscure country for me, I know so little about it. I'm also afraid that medical service and equipment will be a bit outdated.

Please claim I'm wrong

please please


Hurricane, I can't be a very good counselor on Ukrainian medicine, but Rasteny is right - you can get much info online. I'd just add communicating with IPs who are already getting treatment there. They will tell you a lot and share their unbiased opinions


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