OTD tomorrow

I have been so calm and relaxed this whole 2ww, it has gone by faster than expected, but these last 24 hours I have started to feel so panicky! All of these worst case scenarios running through my head. I suppose part of it is that I've not done IVF before this, so I don't know what I'm supposed to be feeling - what twinges are good/bad etc. I'm encouraged by the fact that I've had no bleeding yet. Normally my luteal phase is 9-10 days, so when I made it past that point without bleeding I felt I almost had cause to celebrate, but reasoning also tells me it could be the three doses of progesterone per day keeping it away.

Agh im going crazy now! One more day. I don't know how I'm going to be when I get the news. I guess it will be what it will be.

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  • I hope you get a BFP. The 2ww is hard and it's natural to start thinking about whether it's worked or not so close to OTD. Try to to analyse every twinge or lack of, everyone is different.

  • HI hopefulmamma....lets think positively...i wish a grt positive s waiting fr u. i salute ur patience to be calm n relax during these 2ww days.. i wanted n stil want to know the result with my hubby but he needs to go out of city at weekdays for his study..so i became naughty n tested pregnancy on sunday n monday..got both day bfn..it ws too early to test i know...but i m hoping to get positive result on coming friday....good to u..

  • Thanks ladies, yes I need to stop stressing and try and be calm and positive! Easier said than done.

  • Good luck! Got it all crossed xx

  • Good luck x

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