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High FSH

Hi everyone. I'm just waiting for my 2nd cycle of IVF. We have been trying for years naturally and in the 1st cycle we discovered I have high FSH for my age, they said it's nothing to worry about and put me on maximum dosage. Now they have recommended we try again but explained due to my FSH it does lower my chances. We only had 4 folecules last time, hopefully this time we will get a lot more but I wondered if anyone else suffered with this?

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I've got a slightly high fsh of 10.5. We got 5 eggs 1st time and 6 2nd. My pre treat scan only showed 4 follicles but with the drugs a few more appeared. Hopefully the have learnt things from your 1st cycle and change the stimming drugs to get a better response for you. We had combination of menopur and gonal f and although we were already on max dose for 1st round, they altered how much I had of each and ended up with better embryos (2 are waiting for us in the freezer). Xx


my FSH was 11, I had 300mg menopur and got 11eggs from 18 follicles. 9 fertilised and 5 made it to blastocyst stage. Our fresh cycle failed but I had an infection post egg collection and wasn't well (on antibiotics) but I'm now almost 10 weeks pregnant from our frozen cycle.


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