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Ivf abroad

Hello everyone, I don't post much but would to hear off anybody who has had ivf in Athens with a doctor Paraschos. I have a right Unicornate uterus with no fallopion tube. So my only hope is ivf. I was refused funding as my husband smokes. So I have had to look into private. This journey has been stressful and worring. I am looking for some success storeys pref. Athens. Also the doctor in Athens wants me to have a vaginal ultrasound on my next period to check my womb and overies and hormonal blood test before I can start treatment. Would the hospital I was under here so this for me? I feel a bit cheaky asking them but I have just waiting for my reply. Look forward to hearing any advice you can give me. 😊

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If you live anywhere near London? I have used a clinic on Harley street for all my scans. Pm if you would like more info.



I live in Liverpool and I was under the Hewitt centre. Can I ask did you go abroad Jhza 700 too? Xx


Hi Tracey,

Yes I went abroad to Czech Rep, but for DE and was successful.



Hi, can't help really with Athens, but I know stories of ladies who successfully conceived on the 1st attempt at Invi**ta Poland. I think you might find reviews and comments on fertilityfriends international boards.

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