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Afternoon all, I am new to this site, found it while trying to research IVF abroad due to costs. Has anyone done this, if so could you share your experiences please? I am 44 years old and would also be looking for a country that offers sperm donation as I am currently single. I have not had any fertility problems confirmed but have read that artificial insemination is unlikely at this age therefore IVF is the route to go. Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi

    I'm having egg donor IVF abroad, message me if you want to chat.


  • Hi Becks.

    I`m looking at going to Prague, I`ve got a couple of clinics in mind and the same as you I`d be looking at egg donation. How far along the process are you , any advice would be appericiated.

  • my friends did, some of them live in Poland, some abroad, here are the prices they paid:


  • Sorry nicknick, I've only just spotted this, thanks very much, I will go have a look now x

  • Hello nicknick. i am going to invicta next month for my 2nd appointment. Hope everything goes well πŸ™

  • I can I ask you which clinic are you going iparocha? ?

  • It is invicta clinic in warsaw

  • Thank you..i want to go abroad but not sure how to start looking

  • hope the guide will be helpful: eggdonationfriends.com

  • hi pinto8 you can read this forum and others- tons of info, also on ivf abroad, visit clinics websites. I think it is not bad idea to email choosen clinics, you will put opinion on service level and simply "feel" a clinic.

  • Great! I am keeping all my fingers crossed. Best of the luck

  • pls give feedback after yr visit

  • I am undergoing ivf treatment in North Cyprus

    I find it much cheaper and they are very nice my hopes are very high so far. I am on my 2nd day of injection.

  • Thanks, the very best of luck to you, let us know how it goes x

  • tandy123 good luck, keep my fingers crossed

  • Hi, I went through IVF in Barcelona and can inform you about clΓ­nics in Barcelona. Please send me a pm to get the details.

  • Hi dear, my baby was born in Ukrainian clinic from a surrogate mother, I had DE Surrogacy. I know the clinic I went do IVF and ICSI.

    I can tell you all I know about the clinic and share my experience if you want to.

    You can always PM me

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