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Recurrent miscarriage clinic appointment and ttc

Hi all 

I've had two miscarriages and have an appointment at the end of this month. We haven't been ttc since the last MC as we've been waiting for this appointment. I've been told that you get better care / closely monitored once you have had an appointment at the clinic. 

But we're getting impatient. My next fertile period will be the week before the appointment. If we conceived that week, how would this affect my clinic appointment? 


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Hi, when I was referred I had all the blood tests done by my GP in advance. It meant they had answers for me when I had the appt. In the meantime I did get pregnant in my next cycle post mc  and the appt was when I was 4-5 weeks along. I remember they were a little panicked about it but they had found something in my results - a blood clotting disorder. For this test you are supposed to do a follow up test 12 weeks later and not be pregnant for the test. But as a precaution they put me on the appropriate medication anyway. Unfortunately for me it didn't work and I miscarried again but at least this gives you an idea of what could happen. Maybe you can get the list of required tests and get your GP to take your bloods before you start trying and before your appt? It would speed things up.


Also worth bearing in mind is some of the tests can take a few months to come back, the blood clotting ones take ages!


Thanks for your reply. Do you know where I could find the list of tests? 

I've paid to have tsh and blood clotting privately. Blood clotting test has come back negative. 


The pregnancy loss clinic should be able to give you a list. I'm not uk based so maybe it's different but even so they will know what you need to be tested for. Worth asking anyway in case you can get the bloods done in advance.

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Thanks for your advice! 


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