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3rd round egg collection done - the horse scale

So ladies, we had our third cycle of egg collection today - 4 eggs recovered. I thought I'd share my experience for anyone who hasn't been through this yet. My right ovary seems to be quite hard to reach which means they've needed to apply external pressure to ensure they could get to it a couple of times. While I love my clinic (private in London) and all the staff are awesome, I've developed what I call the Horse Scale for the pain factor involved each time.

First time - I can't lie it was really really sore - felt like I'd been kicked by a shire horse - 3 eggs collected, 2 fertilised and made it to Day 3 are were frozen. Took several hours for pain to come under control, but was back to mild ish period style pain the next day.

Second time - woke up laughing and making jokes before they'd even rolled me out of theatre - felt like I'd had a gentle foot in the stomach from a Shetland pony - 4 eggs collected but just one made it to Day 3 and the freezer. Very quick recovery and could understand why people say it doesn't hurt.

This time - think they slightly buggered up my cannula so my hand was sore as I dozed off - woke up to fairly sharp mid riff pain but not as bad as first time - horse scale = a New Forest pony kick!! 4 eggs collected and waiting to hear over next few days if any fertilise and are viable for freezing.

My next step is a polyp removal and a work trip to Delhi which may require some vaccinations (find out tomorrow) so probably at least another month or two before we try our first thaw and transfer.

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well


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Good luck!! 4 eggs is good. I'm 38 and I only got 1!! Was totally gutted. It did fertilise but didn't implant so we are moving into donor eggs xx

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Hi sipidania. Well at least you will be off on your travels for a while, so you should be over all your "horse kicks" before proceeding with FET. Anyway, let's hope that your eggs retrieved this time behave themselves and fertilise, so that FET when it comes, can go ahead. Hope all goes well with the polyp removal and your trip. Good luck! Diane


Thanks Diane, I had to add vaccinations into the mix today which means I had yet more needles and now have a sore arm! But the good news is 3 out of the 4 eggs have fertilised which is just awesome, so we are keeping our fingers crossed now that all three make it to Wednesday and can be frozen - which would bring our tally to 6!!! Incredible!!

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Hi sipidania. Well done on the fertilsation front. 3 out of 4 is good! Fabulous if they keep developing and can join the others. Hope your arm soon settles down and the trip goes well. Diane

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Hi sipidania,

Thank you for sharing, me and the wife are not quite st that stage yet, we've had all the tests fine and are due to see our consultant on Thursday to discuss ( I assume) the level of treatment. During our 1st consult, we wer told that November would be the target to start.

In the meantime we have been living healthy, having tests ( both me and her) as well as seeing a acupuncturist. So hopefully all goes well, OK the surface, we've been told all our results are within range and normal. My wife recently had her ORT done ( again all good).

As I say, we are london based too, and reading your blog is very useful to know. May I wish you all the success and will be

Sure to following your progress. Any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated. Please PM


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