Day one just had a shock

hi ladies

So day one spent chilling watching ugly Betty box sets just minding my own then dad turns up 1/2 an hour ago to offload some tiles and wood ( he's a builder and we're having work done in the house although he's meant to be off for a while) and obviously he doesn't know anything as no one does.

I go upstairs with him so he can get the stuff he needs from the attic and the chihuahuas want to go downstairs so I let them. So after dad finding tools I come back downstairs to find front door WIDE open with no sign of the dogs. My heart literally fell to the floor and I ran out screaming their names, no sign of them on the top garden so pelted it round to the side of the house and thank god they were there and had not made it up the drive to the road.

So screamed like mad at dad (he just looked at me like I'd gone mad) and he's gone home now and the dogs are safely back in the house. We have 3 safety gates and a stable door to stop this and he bloody left all of them open.

Have I just ruined our chances? I'm in bits now trying to stay calm and to regulate my heart beat... Please tell me that ten minutes of panic hasn't ruined everything?

Holly x

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  • Honestly Holly i wouldn't worry at all. ive read loads of stories that people have gone back to work and been stressed and have got BFP. sometimes its a good thing as it gets your blood pumping round your body which is great for implantation! :) dont worry about it everything will be ok xx claire.

  • Hi Claire

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly 😄 Honestly my heart is only just returning to normal!!

    Thank you for the reassurance x holly xx

  • no problem i just happened to be online when you posted it haha :) sometimes all you need is a bit of reassurance. gooc luck :) xx

  • Thanks Claire xx

  • Oh gosh what a awful fright for you, my dog has got away once and I was the same as you! Glad they're safe 😅

    Please try not to worry, think how many ladies don't know they're pregnant and still keep going to the gym, working in stressful or physically demanding jobs etc. On my birthday the other year I had a weekend away with the girls and my best friend was throwing lots of energetic shapes on the dance floor, drinking lots etc, not knowing she was pregnant. Her little one is now a very healthy 2 year old, who weirdly loves dancing!! Xx

  • Hi Georgina

    Thank you I know I'm just glad they are both safe but I could've done without the fright!

    Thank you for the reassurance, I think I've just got so convinced I have to stay stress free but you are right, think I've got to chill out about chilling out! Lol

    Hope you are ok x

    Holly xx

  • Aww bless when you where so chilled aswell, like the others have said don't worry it will be fine. Glad your fur babies are ok xxx

  • Hi button

    I know I couldn't believe it went from zero stress to massive panic in the blink of an eye!

    I am so glad both of them stayed on the grass, the alternative doesn't bear thinking about, both are fast asleep now on my knee after their little adventure!!

    Holly xx

  • Aw give them extra cuddles, our dog got out once but just sat on our front lawn looking at the door (he's a big softie) X

  • Mine just never stops running if she gets away, really wish she was like yours button! x

  • Bless you what a horrible fright to have. So glad they didn't go far and you managed to get them back but please don't worry as I honestly don't think you will have done any damage. I had a bit of a panic after an acupuncture session a few days after my transfer. I came out feeling so chilled and happy, only to find a parking ticket on my windshield (even though I'd paid for parking!). That was it, I saw red and saw the traffic warden in the distance and ran after him! I got into a big argument and was shaking and so cross, and then spent the rest of the day in a panic I'd ruined our chances. We really are our own worst enemy and I do think you will be fine. Have a lovely snuggle with your doggies and try to relax xxx

  • Hi Daisy Mae

    Thank you for your positive words .... I think if I'd paid for parking I would've gone off on one too!!

    I really hope I've not done any damage, all the worry of the last weeks about our little one defrosting then 24 hours after et I'm running around screaming like a mad woman.

    Hopefully my body hasn't gone into shock mode and that I've not caused anything to go wrong

    Thank you again for replying xxx

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