How long to wait for the next step?

So after my BFN I emailed my results to the hospital asking for a call just so I can find out timescales of when they will likely get us in for a review. Not heard anything and can't reach them on the phone.

Anyone any ideas? I'm at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

I was considering booking a wee weeks break away from it all just now but don't want to do anything until I know.


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  • Hi Moirgraham51. As a general rule they like you to have had at least one normal menstrual cycle before starting again. I think I would go for your break to recharge your batteries before starting again - your choice! Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

  • Hi moira. I'm also at Glasgow. Sadly we only got 1 egg on this cycle it fertilised but didn't implant. Devastating as I knew we only had this chance before going for egg donors. I phoned them day after our negative test. Nurse told me what I already knew they won't give us another. I also asked about review she said it would be a few months. Honestly so gutted. But she also said If you are going for another cycle you wait to get a period then phone to book new cycle.

  • Thanks Katya38. Nurse called me today. She said my case would get reviewed next week and they will send me a letter. But then she said as my second cycle I just need to wait until my first natural cycle then call and book my appointment again. So I'm not too sure. If I haven't heard from them i am going to call again as I have questions before I want to start the second cycle. πŸ’ž

  • Yes that's what she told me but as I only got 1 egg they won't offer us a 2nd cycle 😐 seems pretty harsh as we were successful whole way through just didn't implant. So not holding out much hope for review in a few months.

  • Hiya, I'm not really in the same situation as we didn't get to transfer but we got a review appointment 2 weeks later at Ninewells. We got told they like to have three bleeds before starting again so we're just waiting to go again. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long!xx

  • Good luck hope your 2nd cycle is a success. It's a really awful process to go through.

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