Update: Some things are never simple...but it's getting exciting!

On Saturday I got a text saying the order will be here Monday before 12! Very excited & spent all weekend doing opks to make sure I didn't ov early.... 11:55 'hubby why have you not text say our stuff has arrived?' -'err cos it's not' WHAT!!!

Quick check on DHL tracking & theyve sent it to Edinburgh... I live in Leeds... 😩

A couple of phone calls & DHL have paid for a third party to fast track it to us the same day so we should have it by 8pm....

Today doing opk every 2hours as I should ov tues or Wed... it's getting close & im trying not to stress as I'm also filling out job applications as will be out of a job in 4months due to redundancy.

Can't wait to get jiggy with my syringe 😍 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³

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  • Good luck!!! All my fingers and toes crossed for you xxx

  • Thank you! X

  • Hope all goes well x

  • Thank you x

  • Lol!! Your funny poochi you should be in stand up comedy, if this works you could write a right sketch about it!!!!

    Glad you've managed to locate said sperm, DHL are normally pretty good but they always get lost when trying to find our house.

    Good luck with it all and fingers crossed for you both x

    Holly x

  • Thanks Holly, my hubby is more excited about 'the stuff' (as he calls it) coming than I am! It's makes me laugh whenever I say the stuff is 'cuming' im so childish πŸ˜‚

    I think DHL are normally really good but just like my hubbys sperm this lot had to get lost at some point as well! Let's hope there final journey goes to plan. Good luck to you x

  • It's good to keep a light hearted spin on it all... We have nightly discussions about what I'm putting 'in' tonight !! lets hope the DHL guy doesn't ask what the live tissue is! xx

  • OMG you do make me laugh!!!! Did you have to state what was in the missing parcel lol? Good Luck with the whole process x

  • Thanks, the guy said so the parcel says 'human tissue?', 'yeah that's right, I need it ASAP, like today or by 8am tomorrow' don't think he knew what it was but I bet he does now as no doubt he'll have googled it as it says from cryos international on it (or so the text messages from dhl keep telling me) πŸ˜‚ X

  • Good luck poochI, do you have some mood music sorted for the 'event'?

  • Haha that's not a bad idea :) x

  • You are comical poochi, you always cheer me up! Loads of luck with it all xx

  • Thanks need lots of luck! X

  • Your posts often make me laugh. It's just as well you've got a good sense of humour! Hope the "stuff" arrives ok.

  • Thanks it got here just before 8. The little guys are still just chilling waiting for the main event x

  • Good luck! Have been checking regularly to find out whether you had received the "stuff"!! Looking forward to hearing how you get on :-) xx

  • Thanks, it finally made it before 8... still not had my lh surge hoping it will be tomorrow. Will let you know! X

  • Ha ha ha poochi, you always make me chuckle!πŸ˜‚ Hope the "goods" arrived ok eventually!! Good luck!!xx

  • Thanks they're here although my egg is shy so no party just yet. Fingers crossed for lh surge tomorrow! X

  • Hi Poochi - hope your 'goods' have turned up now, lots of luck for your... erm... transfer?! haha x

  • Good luck!!!!! X