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Hi all

Had my appointment at ARGC last week. It's much more expensive but I feel in such good hands. They are so thorough. It's going to be a slow process as the amount of additional tests have to be done. But as soon as the doc saw my notes from my 2 nhs previous cycles .. He said he didn't think things had been done correctly. So I go back next week when I start my cycle for a monitoring cycle where they check all my hormone levels before the stimming starts. I just wanted to say though he told me to stop to DHEA if I wanted to cycle there and only have the ubinqol x I know we get told different things but thought I'd pass that on to you all.

Other half had his dna fragmentation test and I have immunology tests done next week.

Hope all of u r ok on this journey we all share xxx

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Oooh why stop dhea?


He didn't give me a reason .. He said if I wanted to cycle with them I had to stop dhea.. x


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