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7 eggs collected one fertilised


Hi guys I’m feeling alit confused today

Egg collection was okay but I can remember what was going on and when I came out my blood pressure was low.

They collected 7 eggs which I thought was low

Iv been told today that 6 were mature and were objected which all went fine

Only one has fertilised and transfer day will be Friday.

I’m just soo confused

The embryologist could not say much but said it may be a sperm and egg thing?

Help guys please I’m really going outa of my mind here trying to stay strong but nothing wants to fertilise why ??????

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That must be so disappointing for you to have 7 eggs but as everyone says (and I know it’s not want we want to hear: it only takes one).

Friday would be a 5 day transfer right? That’s the best possible outcome from your strong little embie.

It’s so frustrating not having answers to the ‘whys’ try and focus on Friday. Lots of positive thoughts.

Thinking of you. Xx

Friday would be a three day transfer I’m not feeling very positive and unsure why fertilisation is not occurring x

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I know it's disappointing Hun. I only had 6 eggs collected but 4 fertilized. I also had a 3 day transfer but got a BFP. I wasn't optimistic as 1 of my embryos was only a 5 cell. I know we all want to have 15 blastocysts available to us but it's not the reality for many of us. Miracles can happen, hopefully that will also be the case for you 😘 xx

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Thank you for your kind word I’m just so unsure what to think

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Honestly I was the same & as an old bird ( I'm 41) , I was pretty much planning my next round straight after embryo transfer. IVF really is a crappy thing to go through but I'm sure your clinic will have some answers for you & if your not fortunate this round will help you moving forward. Fingers crossed this time will surprise you 😘 xx

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Iv been told age (29) and everything else is on my side it’s jus when it comes to fertilisation nothing happens

I am already planning my next cycle but feel really upset about it and like it’s a waste

I only had one cycle on the Nhs and I had ivf and nothing fertilised from 15eggs and now ICSI and only one from 7

I really don’t know how much more I can take

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Ah bless you, that's very hard going. I wish I knew what to say to help. I just hope you get your happy ending 😘 xx


We were warned of this by our consultant - good eggs and sperm but bad compatibility. We had never imagined this...

But 1 fertilised so you can have a transfer with this one or you have to see if it survives to blastocyst stage?

This is such a stressful part of the process sending you a big hug.

As everyone kept saying to us - you only need one!

Fingers crossed for you.


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I’m scared it may not survive till day 5 and I really don’t understand why they are not compatible

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I don't know if anyone knows why this happens....we thought the consultant was having a laugh when he said it first.

When I started this process I thought we would get tons of eggs and tons of embryos for multiple goes - now I know that is not the case for everyone.

I am praying your embie survives - strange that one fertilised...I thought if they were not compatible that was it...

Don't loose hope - it is all a big rollercoaster and nobody knows what happens as the days pass....


I had a three day embryo transferred and i got a BFP. My doctor had said when you have few embryos to transfer, a 3 days tranfer gives you the best chance as the womb is the most environment.

It is so hard. I agree with above. At the beginning you imagine 15 eggs, all fertilised with all to choose from. Unfortunately it really is not the reality for most people. And the other unfortunate thing is that they never know what the response or outcome is going to be from the start. It ends up all being a little trial and error as we are all so different. The very good thing is that you have age on your side.

Wishing you all the best for Friday and the following 2ww xxx

Thank you x

Hi, stay positive, i know its hard as my journey was similar oh has low sperm&motility 1st icsi = 13 eggs 2 fertilized 3 day transfer. 2nd icsi = 17 eggs 4 fertilized 1 3dt and a wee 5dayblast frostie. Unfortunately no bfp but on my review we found my egg quality wasn't greatest hence low fertilization. I just had my frostie transfer yesterday and keeping everything crossed. I know its a worry but dont think to much regarding 3dt as at my clinic if u have less than 2 they would always do a 3dt as its best for the embryo to be home. Hope this has answered ur question a little. Sending u all the luck in the world xx ps im 34 x

Thank you soo much I don’t even know what to do, I don’t think it is normal

Something similar happened to me. And I did a lot of scientific research. There’s a protein in sperm called PLCzeta which is needed to kick start fertilization. Some men with healthy sperm parameters (like mine husband has) are missing this protein. And it’s not some thing they test for and only gets realized after the pain and heartache of failed rounds. Anyway that’s why fertilization doesn’t happen even with ICSI. There is a way to overcome it with Assisted Oocyte Activation where they put the egg after being injected with sperm Into a solution of calcium ions that then opens the channels of the cells to start fertilization and the exchange of DNA.

I hope that one embryo of yours makes it and you get your BFP but if not, don’t loose hope. There are other things you can try. You’re young and producing a good number of eggs. Having only one fertilise isn’t normal and is an indication something is wrong - likely with the sperm. And you have to look at the numbers (statistics and probability)... 0/15 and 1/7 fertilized is a completely different case than 1/3 or 0/2 fertilizing. It’s hard to say it’s just bad luck after two rounds with that many eggs. And remember 60-80% rate is considered normal (depending if IVF or ICSI). So hope you can get your answers and find a solution to this.

But again it is trial and error and all you can do is give it another go and try something different. A complete failed fertilization after IcSi like you’ve had is extremely rare and if I remember correctly, it’s 1-2% of cases so there’s not a lot of info out there and you really need to dig for it.

After my failed fertilization round I was told by different clinics that my eggs were bad (I’m 34 and have no other Issues) and That i would need a donor egg. Well if that was the case how am I now pregnant after my second round using AOA and achieving normal fertilization rates. Luckily my current NHS clinic was willing to try this AOA procedure after I gave them the evidence and proof. I feel so lucky to come this far and have 4 frozen.

Be sure to advocate for yourselves ladies. Ask lots of questions. Get different opinions and do all you feel is necessary so that when you get to the end of your journey (whether with a child or not) you won’t look back and regret not doing/trying this or that.

Ps strong-girl Ive also just PM’d you with more info 😘

strong-girl in reply to abcgirl

Your a star you don’t know how much your post has helped and reassured me. Xx

I have also heard that sometimes it may be problems with the lab. It is possible to have your partner’s sperm checked if it is okay you may wish to change the lab to see if you still get same results

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We have had 2 cycles and both times it’s been a issue with fertilisation

In my case it was due to a balanced chromosome translocation. This can be tested for via a karyotyping blood test on you and your partner but there is obviously a cost.

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