Sharp shooting pains

Hiya ladies. All week I have been having sharp shooting pains in lower abdomen , maybe my uterus (not sure) I had mc 10 weeks ago so was wondering if it could be my body still getting back to normal but it's been a while now. Sometimes they can be quite painful where I have to stop and takes my breath away. Anybody had this ? Should it be a cause for concern? Not sure if I should book a appt at the Dr's tomorrow to get it checked or am I just being silly ?

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  • Probably best to see your GP as the pain is causing you to stop. It's always best to get things like this checked out.

  • Hi dardreamer89. Could just be down to your womb settling down again. However, I would definitely pop and see your GP to get checked over. Hopefully nothing to worry about, but he/she may arrange for you to have a scan to ensure everything is clear in your womb. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you for your replies .. I have been to see my Gp and I have got protein in my urine so on antibiotics for 3 days and if that doesn't clear then it could be gallbladder related .. x

  • Hi daydreamer89. Pleased to see that you saw your GP. Hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick. Diane

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