Endo ladies trying to get pregnant???

Endo ladies trying to get pregnant???

Is anyone on hear trying to convince with endometriosis? I have been feeling well for about 2 weeks , previously around 6 months of issues and illness linked to this disease. Just wanted to see if anyone has had success or are still trying , would love to hear your stories as feel like I'm asking my body to do the unasked able thing, get pregnant

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  • Hey... I have severe endometriosis and have been TTC for 6+years. I totally understand your statement of asking your body to do the unimaginable thing, get pregnant! Exactly how I feel at the minute.

    How long have you been trying to conceive? I know some ladies with endo don't seem to have a problem getting pregnant, but for others (like me) it can seem near impossible.

    My story is long and complicated! Short version.... Unexplained infertility which led to 2 X IUI treatments and then onto IVF. During IVF a scan showed an endometrioma... So this is how I got my diagnosis! Although I had symptoms for years previous. Had a chemical pregnancy a few months after trying naturally.

    IVF failed, but we got embryos to freeze and did 3 frozen transfers... But all 3 resulted in chemical pregnancies. We are looking at starting a second IVF cycle soon.

    I've had 3 laparoscopies due to the endometriosis. Last one was 9 weeks ago. I suffer daily pain from the endo now and struggle with the symptoms, but still persevering with TTC for now.

    Hopefully your journey will be nothing like mine or as long.... Good luck x

  • Hi flowerpot, it would be really great if we could support each other. Others find it difficult to hear I feel.

    I'm sorry your journey has been so long and hard. I am extremely lucky that I already have a beautiful boy who will be 7 next week. And this disease makes me feel even more great full for him as if I had waited it may not have happened. My son is desperate for a brother or sister. He prays for one at night sometimes and I heard him last week saying to my niece ,5, your lucky you have brothers. Breaks my heart to see how amazingly natural he is with friends babies , so gentle and loving I would so love to give him a sibling. Not least for the fact if it was not for my eldest sister I would not have managed some of the days I have endured with this disease. Sometimes a sibling is the only one you can rely on so I want my son to have this in his life to. We tried for 18 months before we found out I had endo, removed in March , problems again may until early July but I currently feel well enough to try again. I never got to the point I felt contraceptive pill was helping me , in fact it made me bleed constantly. However I am scared of having my first period again since surgery of the pill and for at least two weeks of the month not being able to take pain relief as you can't be sure you aren't pregnant.

    How do you manage this? Have you tried massage,reflexology to help at all yet?


  • Hi. I can imagine, despite having your little boy already, it still is heartbreaking trying to conceive and it's not happening. (I'm sure it hard when you want to give your little boy a sibling too )

    And having to deal with the pain of endometriosis as well makes everything so much harder and ups the concern on wether your body can physically get pregnant again with the damage done by this horrid disease.

    Even though I have daily pain, I don't always have to take painkillers. In the '2 week wait' when you could possibly be pregnant, I stick to paracetamol and sometimes codeine (if things are really bad) as know this is the safest drugs to take.

    Not tried massage or reflexology, but might do something like this when we do IVF. I did do acupuncture during IUI, but didn't feel it helped so not tried it again.

    With the endo having been removed you might be in a better position trying naturally now, so don't give up hope that it won't happens naturally. I really hope you period isn't too bad after stopping the pill too.... Things should have settled from your surgery so hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi, I have severe endo and endometrioma cysts. Have a look at my last post, I put it on the endometriosis forum but hopefully you can see it by clicking on my name. It's called success story... Pregnancy. Good luck, it can happen and has happened to me x

  • Hi brottonbabe

    Saw your post you mentioned, thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Best wishes x

  • My friend has endometriosis and was told she may struggle to conceive. She had two children really quickly no problems xx

  • I have had endo for about 8 years, with laps and operations on both ovaries to remove endometriomas. However, I don't have a lot of pain if I'm honest. Been TTC for a little under a year. Due to my age and history, got referred to fertility clinic quite quickly and they've just last week told me to go straight for IVF due to my age and the fact one tube looks blocked and the ovary at the end of the other is in the wrong place. Went to visit a couple of clinics yesterday and one made me feel quite hopeful as they would be able to deal with surgery and will take proper scans (rather than just ultrasound) before any IVF. I have totally bought in to the age-related problem (I'm 39) rather than the endo being the root of my fertility issues. And then stress - I've got a stupid pile of things on my plate this year, including my thesis due in 5 weeks and my wedding in 6 weeks! So, it was a bit of a surprise if I'm honest that it came back so clearly that it's my endo which is probably making me sub-fertile (or at least the scar tissue).

    In the meantime, I've been proactive and seen a fertility massage lady for a few months. More than anything, it's been good to talk to her as she's seen so many ladies in different positions... She instantly recommended the endo diet or fertility diet - cutting out dairy, wheat, alcohol, refined sugar. I can't say I've been totally strict with it, but my symptoms have improved over the last few months and my latest ultrasound showed only one tiny possible endometrioma which is pretty amazing since I've been off the pill for so long. She just pointed me in the direction of this website if you're interested, but I got a bit bogged down in all the info: natural-fertility-info.com. Good luck, and it's good to know we're not alone... x

  • Hi skatty thank you for your post. I had a look at that link, looks good. I have cut out diary, red meat, most wheat but only some sugar!!! Already. Trying to eat as healthy as possible, just had spinach, plum tomatoes and olives as a snack, to see if it helps. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting x

  • I have Stage 4 endometriosis and large fibroids. Been TTC for two years with no luck. I'm having excision surgery later this year and removal of the fibroids before going onto IVF. I'm always hopeful that IVF won't be necessary after the surgery because miracles happen every day!

    Best of luck to you! Xx

  • Hey, I'm sorry you're going through this. I had a large fibroid and stage 4 endo mostly removed 4 mths ago and was put on the combined pill for 6mths while my scars heal. We just got married and are so keen to get on with ttc because it's what we've always wanted but have to wait. I cheated for 4 weeks and came off the pill to start to try but the pain returned in a really bad way after a week. I couldn't believe it could return so soon, endo is evil. Such a tough thing for us all to go through and although my husband is lovely, I always feel like I'm apologising for being either in pain or grumpy from the pill! I'm 2 mths away from coming off the pill and starting to try again, can't wait but also petrified of the pain creeping back quickly. I suppose the stress of all of this mustn't help to conceive. But if anyone told me not to worry, I'd scream. Keep posting, we're all in this together. Xx

  • In it together 😍 Keep in touch, the fear of the pain or not being able to treat it if possibly pregnant is concerning. Good luck in two months, keep posting x x

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