4 day After FET and nauseous

Hi ladies so am 4 days after my FET with 2 day 5 day embies transfered both off which had already pretty much hatched befor transfer.anyway at 4am this morning i woke up feeling very nauseous then again at just after 6am and since i got up it hasnt stopped..no its probs 2 early for it 2 be a good sign but has anyone else had this and wht can it be?? Please x

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  • Hi emzlou25. Oh dear! Sorry you feel poorly at the moment. It might just be a combination of anxiety and side effects from any drugs used - or are taking now - especially progesterone. Hope all soon settles down and i will be thinking of you over the coming days. Diane

  • hi! so how do you feel now, sis? i hope ur embies stuck and you got ur bfp. waiting for ur news.


  • Hey babez i got my BFP πŸ˜† but still early days as i keep spotting not sure if this is normal but my nurse dont seem 2 concerned as no pain with it and its only very light spotting from time to time..i have my scan nxt wk at 6+1 very nervous about it after spotting tho..howz u?? Xx

  • wow! congrats on your bfp, sis! it seems to me that u definitely have to check ur spotting with your dr. it's no good, hun. please hurry

  • Ive checked the spotting with dr twice my sister and both times been told this is normal for some people in early pregnancy and not 2 worry as am still getting all the pregnancy symptoms ever day and no pain just spottin now and again only when i wipe xx

  • great u checked but doesn't seem normal to me. in any case, ur dr knows better. so good luck and take care. eat well and have good rest. that all u can do now, hun

  • Thank u hun,alot of ladies on here have all had this also and all doing fine so am not worried & yh am eating well thank u..take care hun

  • yeap, i have who to take care of, wink! i have even two, lol

  • Lol,Twins Hard work i bet bless u, but all worth it ,u sound like a really nice lady hun

  • i've become a mom only after 40. maybe this is a reason for me to be value each moment of my mothering. at some moments i feel absolutely exhausted they always keep me busy

    people keep asking me how i cope with 'em. i tell them that i just love 'em immensely and even sleepless nights r not a great problem. love and faith help overcoming every obstacle

  • Thats fantastic and yh the love u feel for them will make it all worth it πŸ˜† with out my faith i dont think id have coped with all the ups and downs lol

  • I bet u will, sis

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