wish me luck!

Hello everyone! Recently we have been looking for a new clinic abroad, searching advices on the internet. And now as we have contacted them, we are going to Ukraine for our first appointment. I am really nervous, and to ease it I've decided to do this little update. Wish us luck! :)

PS. I am infertile due to pcos and to have a baby we're going to use a surrogacy option.

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  • Good luck with your journey xxx

  • Thank you so much! xxxx

  • Hi! Congrats! xxx

    Tell us more about your journey! :)

  • Thank you! I'm going to, definitely! I'm not sure whether I should write it here or not, but I'm thinking of making some kind of a diary, to make it an easier experience..

  • You definitely should! There are a lot of women who need advices and need to be encouraged! I, for example, have found my clinic by reading about it on a forum like this, just one woman decided to share her story with everyone. :)

  • That's nice! I for example was searching on the internet for clinics abroad and decided also to write on the forum to know what people think. I was advised to read more about one ukrainian clinic and I am contacting them rn.

    And I totally agree with you that we have to share our experience with each other. Someday it may help somebody..:)

  • I know a lot of examples when someoneโ€™s success story has helped a lot of people, when you read about such a positive thing you are getting more encouraged. Doctors usually recommend this when you are getting some treatment to stay positive.

    What is your progress right now? How do you feel? xx

  • Oh, I'm fine but a bit nervous. We are having our first trip in Kiev nest week for the appts and the contract signing. Yes-yes, I'm totally with you on this. But also it's even better when you talk to someone who wishes you all the best and you do not feel lonely at all. :)

  • Hi, sunny2017! Congrats with your first step. I know Ukraine is a surrogacy friendly country, am reading a lot about couples going there. So wish you the best of luck!

    We've recently got POSITIVE with Biotexcom clinic, Kiev. This is our second IVF with donor eggs journey. We already have 2 yo kid due to DE IVF preformed in Greek clinic. But this time we decided to switch clinics mostly because of the treatment cost (we did paid out of the pocket our previous time!) In Ukraine we booked 5 att IVF with donor egg for 9900 euro, meds included. Moreover in case of 5 failures they refund ALL money paid back. Being more than a week before the safety edge I feel like all is going perfect. Scan results are nice, our doc's absolutely satisfied with them. We have nothing to regret about using the clinic.

    I would love to read more about your journey. We could also share thoughts as we've experienced things with the same country. Wish you all the best, hun X ;)

  • That's amazing! Happy for you!

    And I was advised to contact them and Im thinking about signing with biotex. I've found lots of clinics in Ukraine, but this one has better contract as for me. In some clinics we have to pay for meds separately and the price for the procedures is higher than in biotex. And I've read lots of good reviews on it!

    We too decided to change our clinic, we've received negative results while being in Czech and for now we're concerned that we're not going to make it, though I am glad that the clinic is nice so far but we're definitely in a state of desperate. I hope our manager will explain more when we will come to Ukraine for our 1 appt. hopefully everything is going to be okay.

    Yes, definitely! We can share our experience with each other! Will you tell us when you'll get 100% positive on your 12ww? I'm praying for you!

    Though that time of a contract is amazing, interesting, what kind of profit are they getting out of that? Maybe they're really confident in their work?


  • Thanks, hun! I guess they are truly confident with every other performed program. We've made several acquaintances, people passing different programs. One thing is in common - no one regrets using them, I think it's really great. As I've told before I'm not well informed as for surrogacy there, but this would be nice to know more from your experience in case someone else needs it too. ;)

    Thank you very much as for 100% positive - I'm sure it's our rainbow!

    When will you have your 1st appointment conducted? Is it soon? I'm wondering how you're preparing for the procedure, I mean what your doc suggests to do to keep strong and healthy, particularly as for the eggs. It's interesting to see the other side of the process (you know we were using donor eggs). I guess it won't take you long to find the perfect surrogate. People say long waiting is not the case with Biotexcom. Here I'll definitely agree - it took us approximately 2 weeks for the donor matching program to be completed. And this is really fast compared with UK clinics for example.

    Well, still have a couples of days to wait more for the program to be fulfilled so that we could fly back home :) Wish you all luck in the world, hun X Waiting for the update ;)

  • Hi!!! Thanks for all of the good words! :)

    I'm going to Kiev next week for our first appt with the dr and for the contract signing. We chose the economy package. As it's a surrogacy program with DE for us it's easier I think. We were told that we have to prepare our test certificates and have blood tests in the clinic. My dh will be donating his sperm but I do not have to do anything as I can't be stimulated and produce my oe because my pcos has gotten worse.

    Our manager said all those basic things of what not to do before the tests etc. My dh isn't nervous at all, he says that if we are paying the clinic for a surrogacy program it definitely will work. I don't know why he is that sure as I'm really nervous. What if it's going to be a failure again?

    I'm praying for the bfp, but we have to wait for so long. I'll definitely post here when I know the results of my fertility journey. xx

    Please, update us when you are home! I'll congratulate you then! ahaha

  • sunny2017, so how was your trip to Kiev? any updates? did you enjoy the trip?

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