So when do you feel pregnant ☹️

Not sure if it's true, not even sure if it's real, you would think that it's all happy days when you see the heart beating and you actually see baby and so for that instance you are not n a high and then when you come down you are anxious, sad, scared, fearful second guessing everything. You wake up one morning and you have no symptoms you panic you can't sleep your dreams are all over the place.

Am there right now 16+ weeks and feel nothing thought yesterday there is my bump but today's it seems all gone. Yes I just saw baby last week but that doesn't make it any easier other than for the 5 minutes you hear that heartbeat.

I have my 16 w check up tomorrow and I am so anxious it's driving me totally insane....

This journey is so so so draining...

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  • Aw I was exactly the same. It's not going to be to long until you start feeling the baby move. In my case I had to wait until 24 weeks to feel movement as my placenta is at the front. I've hired a fetal doppler online and use it briefly whenever I feel anxious and need reassurance. Your bump changes throughout the day. In the morning mine is fairly soft and not very defined but as the day goes on that changes. There's no point me telling you not to worry as you will anyway. Do what you need to do to get through each day. Sending you a big hug 😘 x x

  • Hi darling!

    I can't imagine how you feel to be honest...

    But i remember my friend had sone sort of device that you can use to listen to baby's heart beat!

    She only got it so her older son could connect with little one as it wad like 12/13 years difference between them!

    Do you think smth like that could put your mind in rest?! X


  • Awww hun I really feel for u, as am only 5 weeks tomorrow and before I got told last week I was feeling funny and up to two days ago I was feeling funny and getting really sore boobs, now nothing ino it's so early but just coz was feeling things (or making myself think I was) I keep getting cramps on and off which I don't no of that's a bad sign or not, I thought when get my 7 week scan then 12 I would be better as not letting myself believe it's true after 9 years am scared if I believe it and it gets took from me it will destroy me, so just shows u can get to 16 weeks and still not feel much everyone is so different tho aren't they some feel right away and some nothing would think we would all be so excited but we aren't more scared than anything I am sure ur just fine and baby is growing nice and healthy ino me saying that isn't going to change how u feel hun but we will have our babies in no time hun sending u big hugs xxxxxx

  • Oh honey I guess it's normal. You didn't yet pregnant normally, it took a long hard process to get there, it's natural to be second guessing everything. I'll not tell you not to worry as that's like trying to stop water running through your fingers.

    I know until your little one is with you you won't relax and even then it's only the beginning of a life time if worry .

    But remember, with worry comes joy too

    First times.

    Big massive hug

  • I have been going through the exact same thing through my whole pregnancy. We go through so much to get there that we are just so anxious. I'm 32 weeks on Saturday and still suffer from anxiety about it. It does get easier once you start to feel the baby move but you still always have the constant worry. So your not alone in that feeling. Try to keep calm and look forward. On the plus side since we at IVF you get some extra scans. I got one at 28 weeks, and getting 32 and 36. So you get to see that wee bubba often 😊 x x

  • I am 41 so over the next few weeks my scan are 18, 21, 24, 28, 32 and 36 🙏🏽 I get to all those stages

  • Ps. I have the device for listening to the heartbeat at home and find it reassured my in the early days. They recommend only using it once a week at maximum so I would only use it once every 1 to 2 weeks but if defo helped me for reassurance x

  • Hi TamTam, what you're feeling is completely normal. I'm 36+3 weeks and I'm still anxious. Some days I don't feel the baby move as much and I worry myself silly. As we've all been through a difficult journey to get pregnant, the worry will be there until they're here and even then I know it won't stop! Some days I just wake up and still can't believe that we are having a baby; it's so surreal. I had days where I didn't feel pregnant at all (looking back I should have made the most of those days as I've been sick as a dog for most of the time!). Try to relax as much as you can. I bought a Doppler also to listen to the heartbeat, but this can add extra worry if you don't manage to find it, even though there are reasons why this happens such as position of the baby etc. I hope your appointment goes well for you tomorrow and you can start to enjoy the pregnancy. If you're anything like me though, you won't fully relax until you're holding your little miracle xxx

  • Hi, I can completely relate to this. I'm 21 weeks and have had hardly any symptoms. I wanted them all so I could "feel pregnant". I distanced myself so much from the bump and baby just in case. I wasn't particularly anxious as I think I just feared the worst. I still struggle when people refer to me as pregnant and talk about the bump.

    What I will say is that I still have hardly any symptoms but am feeling much more internally (surprising as I have a front placenta). I also found that when I knew the sex I could relate to him more and looking for names/furniture etc, anything that makes it really happening can help. My bump didn't "pop" until 19 weeks then it really arrived! Before that it was larger some days and on an evening. I'd still say that after a day's food it feels heavier and larger so there will be some changes throughout the day.

    I think it's completely natural to worry when you have something you have wanted for so long but it's real and it's happening. 16 weeks is fantastic and so much is happening inside. Everyone keeps saying to me enjoy the time if it's a good pregnancy as friends haven't had such an easy ride. It's tough to do but you will feel things soon and that's just between you and baby. Watch for little bubbles and tickles inside. With more scans too that will be good to see baby's development.

    With regards to dopplers, my midwife couldn't find the heartbeat clearly when I was 17 weeks so it would have increased my anxiety if I had one at home but the further along I go the more I think it would be nice. I'm in two minds though...

    I hope you relax and enjoy it and see only positive developments as you go along. Just think, baby knows no difference and is nice and tucked up inside. You can only do so much and let your body do the rest. Put your feet up and have a cuppa (caffeine free!). Good luck x

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