Me again!!

Morning! We had our phone call yesterday...So of the 6 that had fertilised 3x are still being a bit slow to rectify themselves. But the other 3 seem to be sorting themselves out hopefully. She said they are dividing but still showing some abnormal cells, which means they still may not progress to pregnancy. So we're not out yet. But it's still 50/50. I'm booked in at 2.30 Monday to have the transfer. Not sure how to feel about it all really Xxx

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  • Fingers crossed, my last cycle I had one transfer and all the others looked like it was game over, but one made a big comeback to day 5 and is a really good quality frozen one! X

  • Ah that's reassuring to hear thank you! Xx

  • Staying positive for you Becky! These little embies are pretty amazing for such tiny wee things!! Lots of luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on! x x x

  • Thanks hon. Will do! I'm hoping in 2 days a lot will have happened! Xx

  • It's sounding good. Fingers crossed they all keep developing well. I hope it all goes well tomorrow, remember to have a full bladder.

  • Ooh thank you. I didn't know that! Xx

  • I'm really surprised they haven't told you about the full bladder for ET. First time mine wasn't full enough and it's definitely better with a full bladder!

  • Good luck for Monday lovely. Like the girls say, a lot can happen in that time. Don't overfill your bladder or you'll be busting for a wee!! Just drink a good pint and a half of water before you go or on the way. My clinic is 2 hrs away so I empty my bladder before leaving and then slowly drink until I need a wee but not urgently!! It helps them to have a good pic on the ultrasound as you have the transfer. Good luck lovely πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€xxx

  • Thank you very much xx

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