9+5 week scan help!


I had a scan today at 9+5 weeks and all appears to be ok. Fetus is measuring almost spot on and the haematoma I had seems to have decreased some (I have had spells of spotting). One thing is really worrying me now though as they measured the yolk sac, which at previous scans hasn't been done and today they measured it at 0.59 cm. Is this too big, as I have read that 6 mm is a sign of a likely miscarriage? Seems like I get one piece of reassuring news only to find another thing to worry about?


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  • Hi hun I think the yolk sac will start to decrease in size as its not needed past week 12 as that is when the placenta takes over supplying the blood. If they said everything is looking good then believe it. I'm not saying don't worry as that's impossible but I think it sounds normal :) xx

  • Hi Imd - sounds like a positive scan lovely! I know it's hard for us not to read things and worry ourselves but if they didn't say they were concerned then I'm sure everything is going just fine. Not long now until your next scan and hopefully you can start to relax a little. Lots of love x x x

  • Hi lmd123. Well, It's looking good to me. the fact that the haematoma has reduced in size is good, as the yolk sac will follow too. Just take it easy when you can and let's hope your 12/40wk scan reassures you more when you get to see your little person and not a bean! thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you!

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