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Longer cycle after miscarriage and minerals

So I'm 3 months post miscarriage and my past two periods have been longer cycles. Notmally I'm 30 days give a day or two. The first af was 33 days, then 38 days and im now on cd 34 😣. Its so frustrating!! I've never had problems with my periods! I thought that by now it would be back to normal. I had the initial miscarriage bleed and 2 periods after and now waiting for the third but no sign of it. I've done 5 tests and all bfn.

I went to my gp yesterday and explained of my pain during ovulation and concerns i have as i want to book ivf again fairly soon but not if my cycles are messed up. It concerns me to the level of pain I'm getting during ovulation. I even took some citits meds as i thought maybe i had an infection.

Well the doctors was f*****g useless!! Got to have a blood test next week tocheck.for infectiin and then a follow up to discuss the results for August!! This is for my gp! Wtf!I

Its like they dont care.

Ive also been advised to take some mineral drink by my acupuncturist and keep going dizzy, like low blood pressure. Maybe my body is adjusting?!? Its modere and has 52 minerals as she said i need to put back what the ohss and miscarriage has taken out of my body ( which makes sense). She also said im out of kilter. I just don't want to go again when there's something wrong. Maybe im worrying too much. Its just as much as a frantic googler that iam i don t see anyone else in the same boat.

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It took several months for my periods to return to normal after mc and after ICSI too.

Whilst waiting for a gynae appointment I missed a period (hadn't happened before) and assumed I was pregnant but 2 tests showed I wasn't. My GP wasn't bothered and said to wait until I'd seen the consultant. My periods went back to normal. When we saw a private consultant I told him & he wasn't concerned either. Having mentioned this to friends they've also missed the occasional period and their GPs said it can happen.

Hormones and stress can do weird things to our bodies. As you are having pain this may need to be looked at before you start IVF. Did your GP give a reason for the follow up in August rather than sooner? Holidays??? Could yo see a different GP once the blood test results are back?


Yeah he did say to discuss the results of my blood test and to soeak to my actuak gp as it's her specialty. Just shes so hard to get an appointment wuth. She has holiday booked too which the receptionist told me.

The gp i saw said tgeres not enough to go on and some investigation would need ti be done, hence the bloods as a sxan wouldn't show up as much.

Everything is going through my head like fibrods, endometriosis, left iver scar tissue etc. Its just because i know when i want to to do ivf again and I've not scheduled in time to be like this,lol. But then i need ti know all is good before i go again as this is last chance x x


I had the same, after my miscarriage I had x3 cycles that were either a bit short or a bit long. I am now waiting for my next cycle so we can start ivf cycle number 2 and so far my cycle has been 54days!! I contacted to ivf clinic to ask if they could help and also whether it was anything to worry about/would it affect my treatment? They did not seem concerned at all and just prescribed noretheristone (may hv got spelling wrong as I'm at work, will check later 4u) which should bring my period on 3-7 days after finishing the course, then ivf can commence. Perhaps you should ask for some? Xx


My clinic don't seem worried either when i said my periods are longer which makes me think it must be a normal. I wasnt even told to take noristhetone or provera. I have tried both on previous ivf cycles but could never work out why i was on it because my periods were always regular.It just delayed my cycle yet on my last cycle i didnt take anything and ivf worked. Not sure if had an impact or not. I could never take the contraceptive pill as it messes me about so much. Ive been told more than once I'm hormonally sensitive so it could be why maybe.

I am actually on cd38 today. Think i got it wrong the other day. I used clear blue ovulation sticks too so im hoping it was acurste and i did ovulate. That would still be over two weeks ago.

Got acupuncture booked for tomorrow so may try that. Last time i wanted my period, it arrived within an hour after acupuncture. x x


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