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humira, waiting, and stress

Anyone else waiting whilst undergoing immunotherapy? am prescribed humira 2 injections 2 weeks apart then a 3 week wait and blood tests for cytokines repeated. If cytokines are still too high then another 2 injections of humira required.

Am finding it hard with all the waiting - before ivf even starts. Trying to do lots to take my mind off things.

On top of it all we can't even try naturally as I have not had a period since Dec 2015. One of my ovaries is not working and due to IBS food intolerances and autoimmune disorders I lost a lot of weight in January and February. I've put the weight back on now and am feeling much better but still no period. Am seeing a dietitian and gastroentorologist and feel like I am doing all I possibly can physically.

But emotionally I am struggling with worrying about all this. Has anyone else taken humira? did you have any side effects?

How best do you all cope with the waiting to start ivf? and calming the mind? I have tried meditation and mindfulness.

Thank you kindly for reading my story.

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Hi rivershark Sorry to hear of the frustration you are feeling during your current immunology treatment. Unfortunately, these things take several weeks to complete, but is well worth doing so as to improve your immune system to help with fertility treatment. You are best to try and keep busy during this time of waiting, if you can. The meditation and mindfulness should be helping you too - maybe some counselling?? Obviously, I wish you well with all of this, and hope that your current injections will be enough - and of course for success. Diane


Thank you Diane

It's the waiting around that is particularly hard at the moment - especially as am not getting any younger.

All good wishes for your journey xx


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