This is my 1st post on here. I'm currently on day 5 off my 2 week wait. I only had 3 eggs, only 2 were suitable and only one fertilised. I was so scared my wee embryo wouldn't make it but it was transfered on day 3 and hospital said it was good quality. I am riddled with endometriosis tho and was wondering if anyone has had success with a day 3 transfer???. Getting the odd cramps and don't know if it's my ovaries, implantation or my endometriosis.

Trying to be positive

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  • Keep going and keep thinking positively. You're doing well. I have endo too and think that that and a fibroid caused me a quite a bit of aching and pains. I had different numbers to you but it only takes one so keep going and all the very best of luck :-)

  • Thanks.

    I've been pretty calm up untill now but feel like I'm starting to go crazy. The 2 days we had to wait to see if our embryo made it was bad enough. 2 weeks are dragging in. Trying to stay positive but also stay realistic so I'm not too disappointed if it fails. :-S

  • I had a 3 day transfer on 2nd cycle, it was the only embryo that really developed properly out of 5 I think. Anyway, it worked and I now have a 3 month old baby. I truly believed it hadn't worked but it's true it only takes one. I wish you the best of luck. Try to relax and do some distracting things (I know it's hard) x

  • I had a 2 day transfer on round 6, it worked!

  • Hi cmc, you're so good not testing early! Mine is a 2 day transfer and not great quality but I tested yesterday (5 days early) and got a BFP. OTD is on Monday so I'm hoping my bubble doesn't burst but the test lines are getting stronger :)

    Stay strong my love!!! x x x

  • Thanks ladies. I'm off on holiday from work just now (timing wasn't planed) Plenty time to relax but also plenty time to Google things. Lol Got a wedding reception tomorrow night so just gonna try enjoy myself with my friends. Dunno what the hell I'll wear tho cos I'm sooooo bloated. Might go treat myself to something new. 😀

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