5dt on saturday!

Hi ladies, just wanted to know if any of you have had a holiday booked and youve still gone after your 2ww regardless of a BFP or a BFN....

Ive just been told that ill be having the ET on Sat (day 5) which means my 2ww testing day (i think as ive seen that some of you have had different testing days?) will be the saturday that im due to go away... Obvs I will ask the Dr/nurses but just wondered if any of you had been in the same boat? Id like to go as it will be nice to get away with my girlfriends and relax (its only majorca so not a long flight) but on the other hand if i was told i was at risk then id cancel no probs Xxx

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  • Hi 1Boo - me and DH considered this but we decided that it might have been too stressful travelling (lugging cases, hot weather etc) while in the 2ww so we stayed home. As it happened it's a good job we didn't book anything because at the last minute our dates changed! It's completely a personal choice though, if you think you will relax and it will help make the time go by easier then I woud say go for it! :) x x x

  • Thanks hun... It is a tricky one. I'll see what the doc says also and go from there 😌 Xxx

  • As long as you're sensible, ie no lifting of heavy suitcases I reckon it'll be fine but check with your clinic.

    We went on holiday for week 2 of our first 2ww and I had to test whilst we were away and then ring the clinic. We were in the UK but Majorca should be okay.

  • Thats good to know! Thanks hun xxx

  • In round 2 of IVF I flew to Majorca the day after my embryos were transferred, my friends went a day ahead of me..I had to get flight after as my dates changed..but we booked miles in advance. Had a lovely time, sunbathed abit, ate well and tested out there and got BFP...sadly weeks later lost in uk...but I feel holiday did me good...obviously no lifting but clinic happy I went. Think you would benefit and good distraction whilst waiting..best of luck and happy vibes xxxx

  • Hi 1Boo. I agree with pm27. When you think about it, I speak to ladies that have had embryo transfer in the USA and fly back the same day or day after. Obviously see what your specialist says and take it from there. Wishing you all the best for ET tomorrow - and of course for success. Diane

  • Thanks Jaky and Diane, great to hear and has made me feel a whole lot better about it - now just for the go ahead from the doc πŸ˜€ Xx

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