Diclofenac Pain Killing Suppository (Morning of Egg Collection)

Hi all! It's the morning of my egg collection and this post is probably too much information but...well I tried to go to the toilet (number 2) before I put my suppository up there but I couldn't go so just had to put it up there anyway. Literally as soon as I did it I needed to go X___X The clinic said don't go until at least an hour after but I could only hold it for like 20minutes and I just couldn't wait anymore. We're leaving on the long journey to the hospital now. Hope this isnt a bad omen or anything.

Do you think I've messed up before we've even started?

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  • Hey Kitty. I will advise that you speak with the doctor when you get there. I have my EC today too. Mine is at 11.30 so just getting ready. How are you feeling? Did you sleep well last night? I hope it goes well for you and you get lots of embryos. Xxx

  • Good luck today! Xxx

  • Thanks Sunny. We arrived early so waiting for a nurse to come collect us from reception. Didn't sleep very well to be honest so bloated and anxious lol hopefully all be worth it though :) thank you for the good luck wishes

    Good luck to you and your embryos too! Hope we both get good results :)

  • Hi Kitty. How did it go? I am currently resting. Mine wasn't so bad. I managed to get the train home with the DH. Was about to book a cab but didn't feel like I need to. Hope you are feeling better. xxxx

  • Hi :) they gave me something stronger so it'd last the whole cab journey this time and while I'm sore when I move it's nowhere near as bad as last time. We got 13 eggs so 7 for me and 6 for the lady who I'm sharing eggs with. Hopefully tomorrow morning we get the call saying they've fertilised this time. So nervous. Other half is waiting on me hand and foot bless him. Guess our only job now is to heal up ready for our embryos? I'm glad yours wasn't too bad :) hopefully in a few days time we'll be getting our babies in our tummies.

  • That sounds good. My partner has been really helpful today. You are right, we will have our babies in our tummies. Praying for them to fertilise tomorrow. Will get my call between 10am-2pm. I got 42 eggs and they said I may have to wait for my next cycle as they want to see if freezing them then putting them back will make a difference as my body gets a chance to rest. They pick patients randomly and if I am picked, we get a free cycle. I really wish you the best. Xx

  • I'm only guessing but if it's a pain killer then they might just use more before they start. You have already done all the hard work so try to relax your nearly there xxxxx

  • Thanks Lucy. Yeah I hope so. As long as I get my embryos I can do a little pain. To be honest I took it and held it in last time and I was still in pain so have to wonder what it's for lol xx

  • Don't worry about it but I would tell the clinic asap so they can ensure you have the right drugs balance. Best to go for a no.2 when you can! Best of luck for your EC. I'll be thinking about you xxx

  • Thanks Kat :) I always go the same time every morning and cause I got up early to go to the hospital I was thrown off lol thank you I've been worried the whole journey here but we're there now so hope everything else goes smoothly xxx

  • If it helps I was never given anything to take for mine. Just turned up and only started the progesterone pessaries the day after (yesterday) x

  • Ah really? That's a big weight then thank you. I will tell them anyway :)

  • The last thing I had was my hcg jab! I think they gave me painkiller/antibiotic through my cannular, but can't quite remember. Def nothing beforehand x

  • Hi KittyK. Fortunately, you should have absorbed some of the diclofenac, so hopefully all will be OK - good luck! Diane

  • They gave me a paracetamol Suppository when I got there as well as codeine when I woke up so just have to rest up now and wait to hear how the embryos do xx

  • Hi KittyK. That's good to hear that all went well. Fingers crossed for good fertilsation. Diane

  • The same for me, and I didn't feel a thing. :-)

  • Good luck for today!! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xxx

  • Thank you xx

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