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Day 3 of bleeding - can the positive still be real?


Hi again everyone,

Sorry to keep bombarding you all with posts, but I am so all over the place at the moment, I don't know what to think!

Now 10dp4dt, I awoke today to more blood. I have now been bleeding continuously for 3 days. Not too heavy, but I never have heavy periods anyway, so this is like a period, especially as I had pretty severe cramping on the day it started too. It is bright red, quite mucusy, no clots but some red stringy clotty bits sometimes.

The thing is, I am still getting positive hpts, and the lines are getting stronger. The pic is the 3 (yes 3, I have become crazy neurotic woman) I did yesterday and, as you can see, the line is getting stronger - the digital one was in the morning, the middle one in the afternoon and the one on the right was before I went to bed. I did another digital one this morning that was still positive.

I know that the only way I'll know for sure is a blood test, which I plan to make them give me after my otd which is Saturday, but my questions are: what on earth could be making me bleed this much if it's not my period and I am still pregnant? And, if it is a chemical pregnancy, when will the hcg stop showing up on the tests? Diane, do you know the answers to either of these questions?

Also, what do you think the likelihood is of my GP agreeing to giving me a blood test before my otd if I was to go and see her?

Thanks all and apologies for being so mental! I'm not sure how much of this I can take - how is it still only Tuesday?!! Xxx

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Hi Monk - I'm hoping and praying that they are all accurate for you! What a miserable time we're having!!! I'm unsure about the GP , it might be worth a shot giving them a quick ring they can only say no. Saturday isn't far away now my love - hang on in there!! Try to nap it's supposed to make the time go quicker - not that I can nap to save my life!!! haha x x x

MonkAK in reply to MommaBear16

Thanks love. Trying to nap but a bit napped out at the moment. Its going o have to be a netflix day I think! Xx

Madcatlady55 in reply to MonkAK

Easy to say I know, but try to relax a little. If all the tests are positive I would suggest the bleed could possibly be cervical. The cervix is a very vascular tissue and can bleed easily. Some women find the pessaries irritate it. Your clinic is probably the best place to get advice xx

MonkAK in reply to Madcatlady55

Thanks Mad Cat Lady! Hopefully they will be able to confirm or not confirm this at the EPU, do you think?

MonkAK in reply to MommaBear16

Wow. Just called my GP surgery and explained to the receptionist what was going on. A doctor called me back immediately. She's squeezed me in at the end of her morning surgery as she wants to check my blood pressure etc (i'm dizzy when I stand up) and she's getting me an appointment at the EPU to find out exactly what's going on. She was amazing - I can't believe it! Hopefully will have some answers soon. Xx

MommaBear16 in reply to MonkAK

This is amazing news! How lovely of them!! Keep us updated, thinking of you x x x

If the lines are getting stronger then thats a good sign. The waiting game is enough to drive anyone crazy. Try and stay positive and hopefully those lines will keep getting darker xx

Thanks Baby2016! The only problem is, the bleeding's getting heavier too. Thinking positive thoughts! Xxx

I'm keeping everything crossed for you good luck xxx

MonkAK in reply to jamjar5060

Thanks Jamjar. I just saw my GP, she was happy with my bp and pulses, but I get the feeling she thinks it may be an ectopic. Is that a possibility? I'm just waiting to hear when to go to the EPU. X

She just rang back, the EPU won't see me unless my symptoms get worse as its too early at this stage, even for a blood test to be of any help apparently. Back to square 1. :-(

The possible signs of an ectopic include:

Pain on one side only

Passing prune juice coloured discharge/blood

Shoulder tip pain on the affected side, this last one is very important.

If the gp isn't too concerned at the moment please try to relax. If you're really worried, go to the emergency dept of your local hospital.

MonkAK in reply to Madcatlady55

Thank you. Just going to try and relax now until otd on Saturday. I've tried everything I can to get some answers and haven't been able to get any, so there's not really anything to do now except wait. Any tips for making time go quick gratefully received! X

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